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The Ramsay Fellowships

In response to a generous donation from the Ramsay family, the Faculty of Sciences is delighted to support applications from outstanding researchers to conduct full time independent research within the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Adelaide.

The Ramsay Fellowships aim to:

  • Advance knowledge and fundamental research in the natural sciences.
  • Encourage general increase in research excellence.
  • Increase research opportunities at The University of Adelaide.
  • Provide opportunities for outstanding young Australian scientists and to enhance their potential as future scientific leaders.
  • History

    The Ramsay Fellowship was established in 2008 with a significant bequest from the Ramsay family, founders of the Kiwi Polish Company (later Kiwi International), the famous shoe polish manufacturers.

    Hamish Ramsay fulfilled his late stepmother’s wish to help advance scientific research by pledging funds for four-year Ramsay Fellowships.

    Read the full story in The Adelaidean.

    The signing of The Ramsay Fellowships Memorandum of Agreement. From left to right, Professor Stephen Lincoln; Hamish's partner Lyn Pederson; and Professor Bob Hill. Front row: Vice-Chancellor, Professor James McWha and Hamish Ramsay.

  • Current Fellows
    Dr Stephen Warren-Smith
    Dr Stephen Warren-Smith

    Fellowship location:
    School of Physical Sciences

    Previous position:
    Marie Curie International
    Incoming Fellow at the Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology in Jena, Germany

    Research focus:
    My proposal aims to expand the optical fibre fabrication research at the University of Adelaide by developing imaging microstructured optical fibres, something that can only be done with the unique combination of skills and technology at the University. These very fine optical fibres have a range of potential industrial and diagnostic imaging applications, including bronchoscopy, where very thin endoscopes are required to reach the periphery of the lung.

    Dr Stephanie Watts-Williams - starting November 2016
    Dr Stephanie Watts-Williams

    Fellowship location:
    School of Agriculture Food & Wine

    Previous position:
    Postdoctoral Research Associate
    Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research, Cornell University, USA

    Research focus:
    My long-term goal is to discover how we can exploit the plant–fungal symbiosis known as arbuscular mycorrhizas (AM), to improve the zinc (Zn) and phosphorus (P) nutrition of agricultural crops, especially on nutrient-depleted soils. I have been exploring this topic from a number of different angles throughout my research career.

    Dr Kate Wegener
    Dr Kate Wegener

    Fellowship location:
    School of Biological Sciences

    Previous position:
    Postdoctoral Researcher; University of Oxford, UK.

    Research focus:
    Integrin proteins - extracellular receptors that mediate attachment between a cell and the tissues surrounding it, which also play a role in cell signaling and thereby define cellular shape, mobility, and regulate the cell cycle. Read more.

  • Former Fellows
    Dr Simon Baxter
    simon baxter

    Fellowship location:
    School of Molecular and Biomedical Science.

    Previous position:
    Postdoctoral Scientist; University of Cambridge, UK.

    Research focus:
    Simon's research uses molecular genetics to understand how butterfly mimicry evolves, and how insecticide resistance arises in agricultural pests. Read more.

    Dr Sundance Bilson-Thompson
    sundance bilson-thompson

    Fellowship location:
    School of Chemistry & Physics.

    Previous position:
    Postdoctoral Research Fellow; Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Canada.

    Research focus:
    Topological invariants and particle states in the context of quantum gravity. Read more.

    Dr Paul Raston
    paul raston

    Fellowship location:
    School of Chemistry & Physics.

    Previous position:
    Postdoctoral Fellow; University of Georgia, USA.

    Research focus:
    This research will be made possible through the generous support of the Ramsay Fellowship, and will hopefully allow for us to gain a deeper understanding of the forces which govern the interactions between atmospherically important species. Read more.

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  • Applications

    Applications are now open

    Details available on the current job opportunities page.

    Please also check the current job opportunities page for other opportunities within the Faculty of Sciences or at the University of Adelaide.

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