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e-Science Magazine

Produced by the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Adelaide, e-Science is a free magazine that offers interactive feature articles written by our researchers and complemented by resources specifically designed for teachers.

  • Feature articles written by key researchers linked to the 10 Big Questions in science
  • Interactive elements in each article which bring the science to life
  • Resources available "at your finger tips", ready for use in the classroom

Available for free download through iTunes (iPad format) and on the web.

Attention School teachers and students!

Let us know which big question you are investigating in the classroom before Aprill 11 to win great prizes! Check out how to enter our 10 Big Questions Competition here.

  • Download e-Science magazine (free)

    Issue 8 iPad | Web/Android

    • How cell movement can influence disease
    • The local nature of global climate change
    • How Earth loses its stores of heat
    • Why nitrogen is an essential element for feeding the world

    Plus the latest breakthroughs, classroom resources, and useful apps and websites. Download it now!

Previous Issues

  • 2013

    Issue 7 iPad | Web/Android

    • How scientists are developing the most precise clocks on Earth
    • Why we’re breeding better almonds
    • What mobile DNA can tell us about the relationships between species
    • How genetics is perfecting the humble steak


    issue 6Issue 6 iPad | Web/Android

    • How astronomers are using gamma-rays to delve deep into our universe
    • What marine parasites reveal about their hosts
    • The history of X-ray crystallography and its impact on the medicines of today
    • How the humble zebrafish is aiding in the fight against Alzheimer's disease


    issue 5Issue 5 iPad | Web/Android

    • How the earth is eating the oceans
    • Why superbugs are more than just a human health concern
    • Semiconductors and the future of fuel
    • How native bees can safeguard our crops


    issue 4Issue 4 iPad | Web/Android

    • How fossils reveal the hot and wet world of the Eocene
    • The possibilities of plastic solar cells
    • How evolution is helping to make better wine
    • The effects of deforestation on genetic diversity of forest species


  • 2012

    Issue 3Issue 3 iPad | Web/Android

    • The fight against a global health threat
    • Discovery of the Higgs boson
    • What DNA can tell us about the past
    • How our love of chocolate can help developing communities

      Issue 2Issue 2 iPad | Web/Android

      • How soil science is used to solve criminal investigations
      • How we can feed the world sustainably
      • Why junk food is so hard to resist
      • How hot rocks in the earth can provide energy

        Issue 1Issue 1 iPad | Web/Android (Launch Issue)

        • There are amazing research stories from areas of physics, marine biology, chemistry and medical science.
        • They go beyond explaining a scientific area or phenomenon; they talk about real research and its application in the real world.

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