2021 Sciences Survival Guide

2021 Sciences Survival Guide

Let us help you prepare for success and an unforgettable experience studying science at SA's top ranked university for STEM.*

We've created these resources to help ease those first-day butterflies and give you the tools and contacts you need to set you up for success.

Starting university is an exciting time, but it's common to feel a little nervous. While there will be new experiences, people, environments and expectations, we’ll help you settle into university life and reach your academic and personal potential.

We have support centres and services, both across the university and within sciences, ready to assist with your study and wellbeing - from before you set foot on campus and right through your degree.

We hope to welcome you to the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Adelaide in 2021.

*QS World University Ranking by Subject, 2020

Pre-arrival mentoring

DM our pre-arrival mentors! These current science students all remember the feeling of uncertainty before starting university and the questions they had when they were in your position. Our ‘pre-arrival mentors’ can provide you with a safe and confidential space to ask questions, or talk freely about your concerns.

Start the conversation now. We encourage you to make the most of their experience and knowledge.


Meet our mentors

Start an online chat by messaging one of our pre-arrival mentors below.
If you prefer, you can also book a Zoom meeting with a mentor - or a staff member from Sciences - by emailing outreach.sciences@adelaide.edu.au.


Study area: Chemistry, Microbiology, Statistics

The most nerve-wracking part for me was dealing with the re-adjustment from high school to university.

Let me help you settle in, so you have your own great experiences like I’ve had during my time here.

Message Mariana


Study area: Biochemistry, Microbiology, Immunology

I was a rural Year 12 student in a graduating class of 16.

Let me share with you how transitioning to uni isn’t such a daunting process as some may think; and how there’s flexibility to choose and try out different study areas.

Message Ella


Study area: Ecology, Genetics

I've changed my degree a few times, so I’ve been through the uncertainty of starting uni and not knowing exactly what you want to do or where you want to end up.

Uni isn’t only about study - learning how to meet new people and try new things is just as important. I'd love to pass on my knowledge to you!

Message Megan


Study area: Chemistry

There were so many questions I had when I started university.

I can answer these questions for you or direct you to the right place, so you can settle in and really relish the vibe and culture of university.

Message David


Study area: Agricultural sciences

Uni is such a big change. It can become overwhelming and can be difficult to know whether or not you’re fully prepared.

Ask me questions about anything to do with university life. I hope to help make your transition into uni one that’s easy and not stressful.

Message Maddy


Study area: Veterinary Bioscience

I entered the veterinary program directly from high school, so I can help with questions about this degree including its unique application process.

I’m also a Roseworthy College campus resident - initially daunting but also incredibly exciting - so I’d love to help you with any questions you may have about accommodation.

Message Delphi


Study area: Biochemistry, Immunology

I have been in and out of university, so I understand how it feels to not have a straightforward path with tertiary education.

Working as a student ambassador has made me more grateful for my studies, the opportunities the University of Adelaide has offered me, and how I can use my experiences to help others.

Message Miriam


Study area: Biochemistry, Microbiology

When I started uni, I felt lost and nervous and I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to make friends.

So you can enter your first year feeling confident and ready, let’s chat about what worked best for me and how making friends isn’t as hard as you think! 

Message Stephanie

What’s it like to be a science student?

We asked some of our students to share their experiences of studying science at the University of Adelaide.

Sophie Dolling: A letter to my Year 12 self

So you’ve just finished Year 12, congratulations! Now comes a new - and slightly daunting - chapter in your life: university.

“If I were to have my time again, there are a few things I wish I knew…”Marine biology student Sophie Dolling

Read Sophie's letter

Events to set you up for success

How to get the offer you want

Weekdays - 9am to 4pm

Get your personalised preference plan.

Live chat

Parents information and Q&A evening

14 December

For parents of anyone thinking about studying science at the University of Adelaide.

Watch event recording

Get ready: Studying science at Adelaide

12 January

Whether you have an offer already, or will receive one in the near future, join us for our virtual info session.

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Welcome to sciences: Open campus experience

20 January

We’ll highlight the student support services available to you as we journey through our campus and state-of-the-art facilities.

Support services

Science-specific information

Study plans, enrolment help and services for first-year students such as mentoring, study sessions and drop-in centres.

Student support

General questions and FAQs

Preferences, offers and general questions about studying at the University of Adelaide.

Future students