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Spanning three campuses, the Faculty of Sciences' co-location with major national and global research organisations keeps our researchers and students at the forefront of developing technologies and the latest discoveries in science.

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Sciences at the University of Adelaide is home to Nobel Laureates Sir William Lawrence Bragg and Sir William Henry Bragg - both in physics in 1915. We are also proud to have 26 Rhodes Scholars and 45 Fulbright Scholars.

Our researchers are scientists from all strands of science. They share their science knowledge and skills to inspire others to think innovatively and creatively.

International research projects and partnerships propel us into the forefront of scientific research. We influence how communities and governments tackle the challenges facing the world.

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Study alongside our leading researchers, world-class educators and industry partners. You'll graduate ready to make an impact on the world, whether you're improving one life, or saving millions.

The Faculty of Sciences offer undergraduate, postgraduate, research degrees and industry-specific short programs that span across diverse disciplines.

We have more than 26,000 talented graduates who are recognised as high achievers, innovators and leaders in the sciences and demand for their services is consistently high.

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