Teaching and research in the School of Biological Sciences spans the scale and breadth of the living world - from molecules, genes and cells; organisms and their environments; to broad landscapes that cover Earth.

We go back in time to understand how evolution has shaped the present world, and into the future, developing new technologies to improve human health and better manage our environment.

The school brings together outstanding teachers and world-leading researchers to provide undergraduate and postgraduate programs and research training in biomedical sciences and biotechnology (biochemistry, genetics, microbiology and immunology), evolution, ecology and environmental science.

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New genetic biocontrol research to help prevent mice plagues

Scientists are partnering with the CSIRO and the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions to fine new solutions to control mice populations.

Blind dating: Scientists sense the sex life of sea snakes

Meet the sensitive new age sea snakes that use touch receptors to help them locate and court females.

Which environments did ancient Aboriginal peoples forage in Australia’s Western Desert?

Scientists have used more than two decades of satellite-derived environmental data to suggest the possible foraging habitats of pre-contact Aboriginal peoples living in the Western Desert.

On a mission to discover unknown Australian species

New technologies to play vital role in discovering and documenting all unknown Australian species by 2050.



Ecology and Evolution Series: Our Origins

Public lecture series during June, July and August on 'Our Origins', Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of The Descent of Man.