Teaching and research in the School of Biological Sciences spans the scale and breadth of the living world - from molecules, genes and cells; organisms and their environments; to broad landscapes that cover Earth.

We go back in time to understand how evolution has shaped the present world, and into the future, developing new technologies to improve human health and better manage our environment.

The school brings together outstanding teachers and world-leading researchers to provide undergraduate and postgraduate programs and research training in biomedical sciences and biotechnology (biochemistry, genetics, microbiology and immunology), evolution, ecology and environmental science.

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Latest news



Why do trees lose their leaves?

Professor Andrew Lowe says it all comes down to water.



Biodiverse soil dust linked to reduced anxiety

Growing evidence links natural green space exposure with a range of health benefits, including for mental health.



Gene scans provide deep insights into plant evolution

The availability of high-quality plant genome sequences and advances in functional genomics is revolutionising our ability to understand plant evolution.



Urban rewilding paper wins Bradshaw Medal

A research paper that recommends increasing urban green spaces to prevent human disease, has won a significant award in its field.



Marine biologists provide deep thoughts on kelp forests

Australian and New Zealand researchers have joined forces to document their view of kelp forests.