Teaching and research in the School of Biological Sciences spans the scale and breadth of the living world - from molecules, genes and cells; organisms and their environments; to broad landscapes that cover Earth.

We go back in time to understand how evolution has shaped the present world, and into the future, developing new technologies to improve human health and better manage our environment.

The school brings together outstanding teachers and world-leading researchers to provide undergraduate and postgraduate programs and research training in biomedical sciences and biotechnology (biochemistry, genetics, microbiology and immunology), evolution, ecology and environmental science.

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Scientists discover new species of turtle-headed sea snake

University of Adelaide researchers have discovered a new species of turtle-headed sea snake in Western Australia. 

Neanderthals and Homo sapiens more similar than previously thought

A cave on the Atlantic coast near Lisbon has provided researchers with key archaeological information that questions the behavioural gap once thought to separate Neanderthals from contemporaneous Homo sapiens.

Science graduate helps conservationists find a new community online

Meet science alumna Jessie Pannazolo, the founder of a new online community called Lonely Conservationists.

New program to steer high school students into STEM careers

The new STEM Academy will provide high school students with a clear pathway into STEM degrees, and an understanding of the jobs their studies can lead to.



Ecology and Evolution Series - Autumn

Free weekly science seminars consisting of punchy presentations by students and experts on the theme 'threatened species'.

STEM Careers Night – Online with the University of Adelaide

Online event: Connect the dots between our innovative degrees and your dream career in science, technology, engineering and mathematics!

Ecology and Evolution Series - Spring

Public lecture series each Friday in September, October and November.