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  • Enrolment Assistance
  • Tools for Course Selection
    • Study Plans - can help you to understand which courses, electives and units you may still need to study in order to meet the requirements for your degree
    • Science Courses - find out more about each of the discipline areas we offer, as well as a full list of the courses run by the Faculty of Sciences
    • Program Rules - also known as the Calendar, your Program Rules must be followed to ensure that you meet the requirements of your program
    • Course Outlines - provides specific details for all courses (except honours and VET programs), including Syllabus, Assessment and Course Co-ordinator details
    • Course Planner - view the timetable for each course when planning your enrolment
  • Co-ordinators and Advisors
    • Program Co-ordinators - have you got a specific query about one of our discipline areas? Contact the relevant discipline advisor.
    • Course Co-ordinators - need any help on a specific course? Contact the appropriate coordinator.
    • Academic Advisors - designated members of staff in each discipline area who may also be program co-ordinators; may provide information about course, appropriate course choices for particular academic pathways and careers in their discipline.
  • Level II Biochem, Genetics and Micro Courses

    The practical component for Level II BIOCHEM, GENETICS and MICRO is selected from and requires you to enrol in SCIENCE MBS Practicals A, B or C.
    Details are explained in this document: Practical A, B & C (2018)

    To help assist with enrolling into MBS Practicals, please contact: Chris Wong

    Semester 1 2017:
    • SCIENCE 2100 MBS Practical A (Semester 1)
    • SCIENCE 2101 MBS Practical B (Semester 1)
    • SCIENCE 2102 MBS Practical C (Semester 1)
    Semester 2 2017:
    • SCIENCE 2200 MBS Practical A (Semester 2)
    • SCIENCE 2201 MBS Practical B (Semester 2)
    • SCIENCE 2202 MBS Practical C (Semester 2)
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