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Study Plans - Majors (areas of study)

Bachelor of Science (Advanced)

A major is a specialisation in a specific area taught within the Faculty of Sciences.

Bachelor of Science (Advanced) students are required to complete at least one major towards their degree. In some cases it is possible to undertake more than one major in a particular discipline. When selecting their major(s), students should think about the scientific questions, subject areas and/or careers of interest to them. Previous academic results and other achievements can also assist with determining an area of strength.

Each major and major combination listed in the table below has a link to provide students with a 2017 study plan to define what courses must be taken at Level I, II and III to achieve a desired major.

The following study plans are only some of the possible combinations of majors available in the degree. If you are interested in completing either a single major or a major combination, please contact the Faculty of Sciences office for advice via phone: +61 8 8313 5673 or email directly to:

See also: Information about electives.


Biochemistry Geophysics & Applied Geology
Chemistry Microbiology & Immunology
Ecology Palaeontology - NEW
Evolutionary Biology Physics
Genetics Soil Science
Geology Theoretical Physics

Double majors

Double Majors
Chemistry (Double)  
Ecology & Spatial Science Palaeontology - Evolution (Double) - NEW
Experimental & Theoretical Physics Palaeontology - Geology (Double) - NEW

Have questions?

If you have any questions about requirements for a major, please contact the Faculty Office via phone: +61 8 8313 5673 or email directly to the Faculty:

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