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Welcome to the Faculty of Sciences

Welcome to all students about to commence their studies with the Faculty of Sciences!

Mike Liebelt ED

As a new student, you are now a part of the Faculty of Sciences.

In your program, you’ll be learning from both award-winning educators and world leading researchers who are at the forefront of their field, bringing the new knowledge they create into the classroom.

As one of our science students, you’ll develop transferable skills that employers across all industries highly desire, such as leadership, critical thinking and problem solving, as well as communication, resilience and an entrepreneurial mindset.

These transferable skills will ensure that you’re competitive for employment in a rapidly changing world, in which most of the careers of the future have yet to be invented.

Again, congratulations and welcome to studying science at the University of Adelaide. We hope to see you on campus very soon.

If you need any assistance with your enrolment or advice about your degree or course choices please don’t hesitate to seek help through our student advisors in the Faculty of Sciences office.

Professor Michael Liebelt
(Interim) Executive Dean

First Year Experience Program

Studying at University can be exciting but also challenging with so many new experiences and things to learn, that's where the First Year Experience Program comes in.

The First Year Experience Program offers you:

  • Enrolment Advice and Orientation

    Congratulations on gaining a place in the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Adelaide! Students are responsible for their own enrolment and are strongly encouraged to seek advice before enrolling.

  • Mentoring

    The Faculty of Sciences Peer Mentoring Program matches small groups of new undergraduate students with two peer mentors (current Sciences students) who will talk you through what to expect in your first semester and give you opportunities to meet other students.

    Weekly mentoring sessions will provide you with opportunities to meet up with your peer mentors, and they will send you weekly emails to help you settle in to University life and address any questions you may have.

  • Drop In Centres

    Throughout your first year we offer ongoing Academic Drop In Centres for students studying Biology, Chemistry and Physics level 1 courses. Drop In Centres allow you to talk one on one with an academic staff member about any concepts or content of your course you may have questions in or want assistance and reassurance with. Drop in Centres begin in Week 2 of Semester.

    Drop In Service Day/Time Location
    - Molecules, Genes and Cells
    - FBS

    Monday 2-4pm
    Wednesday 9-11am

    Velta's Office
    - Concepts in Biology
    - Molecules, Genes and Cells
    Tuesday 10am - 1pm: Simon Wells
    Thursday 1 - 3pm: Lyndlee Easton
    Friday 2 - 5pm: Simon Wells
    Level 3, Hub Central
    Physics Monday 12 - 2 pm
    Tuesday 2 - 4 pm
    Wednesday 12 - 2 pm
    Thursday 2 - 3 pm
    Level 3, Hub Central
    Chemistry Monday 11am -1pm
    Tuesday 9 -11am
    Wednesday 10am -1pm
    Thursday 10am -1pm
    Level 3, Hub Central

    Drop-in services do not operate on Public Holidays or during Mid-Semester break.

  • Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

    Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) is an internationally accredited Program and is applied in over 35 countries. PASS is for all students, whether you want to improve from a Distinction to a High Distinction; a Pass to a Credit or even just to obtain a pass. The aim is to enable students to understand the key concepts of the study course and achieve their best results.

    PASS Courses and Session Times are available on the PASS website.

  • Next Step Program

    TThe Faculty of Sciences Next Step Program prepares you for your second year of study by offering career, global learning and enrolment advice and culminates in one on one academic advice with an academic advisor. The Next Step Program gives you the opportunity prior to enrolling to get valuable information about;
    Your study plan, choice of courses and electives for 2nd year and program rules
    The choice of majors in the Bachelor of Science and where they may lead
    Options for studying overseas
    How part time study may affect your enrolment
    Your options for transferring to another sciences program (often with credit for what you have already studied)

    The Faculty of Sciences highly recommends all first year students participate in the Next Step Program.

  • Meet Your First Year Directors

    Each of the four fundamental science areas of biology, chemistry, geology and physics are run by a First Year Director. These people are research and teaching academics with a passion for first year teaching.

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