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Science Courses - Level 1

The courses listed below may be selected in conjunction with your program rules.

Level I Courses - Full Year of Study
Semester 1 Semester 2
BIOLOGY 1101 Biology I: Molecules, Genes and Cells **BIOLOGY 1201 Biology I: Human Perspectives
BIOLOGY 1401 Concepts in Biology **BIOLOGY 1202 Biology I: Organisms
CHEM 1100 Chemistry IA CHEM 1200 Chemistry IB
*CHEM 1101 Foundations of Chemistry IA *CHEM 1201 Foundations of Chemistry IB
    ENV BIOL 1002 Ecological Issues
FOOD SC 1001WT Food, Nutrition & Health I    
GEOLOGY 1103 Earth Systems I GEOLOGY 1100 Earth's Interior I


+Physical Aspects of Nature I
Physics for the Life and Earth Sciences IA
PHYSICS 1201 Physics for the Life and Earth Sciences IB
PHYSICS 1100 Physics IA PHYSICS 1200 Physics IB
    PHYSICS 1002 Astronomy I

* Students who successfully complete CHEM 1101 Foundations of Chemistry IA and CHEM 1201 Foundations of Chemistry IB and who wish to continue their study of Chemistry at Level II will be required to undertake an additional course, CHEM 1312 Foundations of Chemistry IS, during Summer School (offered for the first time in 2013) before commencing Level II Chemistry studies.

** Only one of BIOLOGY 1201 Biology I: Human Perspectives and BIOLOGY 1202 Biology I: Organisms may be presented towards the BSc.

+ Students who achieve a grade of Credit or better in PHYSICS 1008 can progress to PHYSICS 1201 Physics for the Life & Earth Sciences IB.

Summer Semester
Subject Area/Cat No. Course Title
CHEM 1310 Chemistry IA(S)
CHEM 1311 Chemistry IB(S)
CHEM 1312 Foundations of Chemistry IS

Mathematical & Computer Sciences Electives

To satisfy the requirements for Elective courses in Mathematical and Computer Sciences students must adhere to the following:

Level I

Note: COMP SCI 1003 Internet Computing cannot be presented towards the Bachelor of Science.

Subject Area/Cat No. Course Title
COMP SCI 1101 Introduction to Programming
COMP SCI 1102 Object Oriented Programming
MATHS 1011 Mathematics IA
MATHS 1012 Mathematics IB
MATHS 1013 Mathematics IM
STATS 1000 Statistical Practice I
STATS 1004 Statistical Practice I (Life Sciences)
STATS 1005 Statistical Analysis & Modelling 1
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