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Science Course - Level 3

The courses listed below may be selected in conjunction with your program rules.

Semester 1 Semester 2
BIOCHEM 3000 Molecular & Structural Biology III BIOCHEM 3001 Cancer, Stem Cells & Development III
CHEM 3111 Chemistry III CHEM 3211 Synthesis of Materials III
CHEM 3560 Molecular Structure Determination III CHEM 3212 Materials Chemistry III
CHEM 3213 Advanced Synthetic Methods III
    CHEM 3214 Medicinal and Biological Chemistry III
ENV BIOL 3004 Freshwater Ecology III ENV BIOL 3009 Ecophysiology of Plants III
ENV BIOL 3011 Evolution & Diversity of Insects III ENV BIOL 3010 Marine Ecology III
ENV BIOL 3121 Concepts in Ecology III ENV BIOL 3550 Evolution of Australian Biota III
ENV BIOL 3530 Research Methods in Evolutionary Biology III
ENV BIOL 3510 Research Methods in Ecology III
GENETICS 3111 Genes, Genomes & Molecular Evolution III GENETICS 3211 Gene Expression and Human & Development Genetics III
GEOLOGY 3008 Geophysics III GEOLOGY 3019 Field Geosciences Program III
GEOLOGY 3013 Tectonics III GEOLOGY 3502 Mineral and Energy Resources III
GEOLOGY 3016 Igneous & Metamorphic Geology III GEOLOGY 3505 Earth Systems History III
GEOLOGY 3500 Exploration Methods III    
MICRO 3000 Infection & Immunity IIIA MICRO 3001 Infection & Immunity IIIB
PHYSICS 3532 Astrophysics & Atmospheric Physics III PHYSICS 3002 Experimental Physics III
PHYSICS 3534 Computational Physics III PHYSICS 3006 Advanced Dynamics & Relativity III
PHYSICS 3542 Physics III PHYSICS 3540 Optics & Photonics III
    PHYSICS 3544 Quantum Mechanics III
PLANT SC 3200WT Plant Breeding III PLANT SC 3505WT Soil & Plant Nutrition III
PLANT SC 3515WT Plant Biotechnology III
SOIL&WAT 3016WT Soil Ecology and Nutrient Cycling III SOIL&WAT 3010 Remote Sensing III
SOIL&WAT 3017WT Soil & Water: Management & Conservation SCIENCE 3500 Science International Study Tour
SCIENCE 3500 Science International Study Tour SCIENCE 3510 Science International Study Tour B

Science International Study Tour B

Summer Semester   SOIL&WAT 3007WT GIS for Environmental Management III
    SCIENCE 3500 Science International Study Tour
    SCIENCE 3510 Science International Study Tour B
Winter Semester   SOIL&WAT 3004WT Environmental Toxicology & Remediation III
    *SOIL&WAT 3020WT GIS for Agriculture & Natural Resource Management
SCIENCE 3200 Communicating Science III
SCIENCE 3500 Science International Study Tour
SCIENCE 3510 Science International Study Tour B

* Please Note:  SOIL&WAT3020WT is incompatible with SOIL&WAT3007WT

Mathematical & Computer Sciences Electives

All Level III Mathematical and Computer Sciences courses, in the disciplines of Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Mathematics, Pure Mathematics and Statistics as listed in the Bachelor of Mathematical and Computer Sciences except for MATHS 3015 Communication Skills III and MATHS 3020 Advanced Mathematical Perspectives III.

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