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Engagement and Industry

Whether you're industry, STEM teachers, alumni, future students or parents of kids who love science; we want to engage and partner with you to shape the future of science.

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Search for an expert, licence our technologies or partner with our researchers to improve your business.

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Meet some of our graduates who are making an impact on the world and learn about the benefits of being a science alumni.

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Bright Sparks Science Club

Curious about science and technology? Join in our fun, interactive and educational events for 6 to 15 year old science enthusiasts.

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Science Academy

Be part of our innovative STEM program for Year 10, 11 and 12 students. Become science savvy and join us as we solve the mysteries and shape the future of science.

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Teacher and school resources

From STEM events, school visits and campus tours, discover the opportunities of how you and your school can link with the Faculty of Sciences.

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Find a student intern

Support the development of the future workforce by hosting an intern from the Faculty of Sciences.

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