Science Activities for Kids

We've compiled some fun and interesting science activities for children to answer some of the big science questions at home or at school.

Some activities will need parent or teacher supervision.

      How did the universe begin?

      The mystery of dark matter

      This online game explores the surreal world of dark matter - one of the universe's greatest mysteries.

      Find it

      Discover how GPS and navigation integrate maths and science to locate people and objects.

      Ellipses and whispering galleries

      Draw an ellipse to learn about how sound bounces around curved structures.

      How does the earth work?

      Make an erupting volcano

      This classroom staple never loses its thrill! It can be made as simply or as complex as you wish.

      Tennis ball globe

      Visualise the changes to our planet in 3D by making your own globe.

      Why does it float?

      Discover how and why an iceberg floats.

      What is life?

      Taste interactions

      Experience how taste and tactile sensations interact with one another when balancing flavour.

      Yeast transformation

      Discover how living organisms such as yeast transform sugar into CO2.

      Food labels

      Investigate food labelling standards and use this information to create a quiz.

      How did life evolve on earth?

      Banana DNA extraction

      Peel away the DNA of a banana.

      How do we unravel the causes of disease?

      Grow your own fungus

      Grow your own fungus at home with this simple activity.

      Pineapple and jelly

      Discover how the enzyme bromelain found in pineapple impacts the ability of gelatine to set.

      Grow your own crystals

      Grow crystals from everyday materials including table salt, sugar, Epsom salts, alum and washing powder.

      Why does climate change?

      Climate models

      Use a simple climate model to calculate the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere and average global temperature.

      How can we feed the world sustainability?

      How watering influences growth

      Discover how water influences the growth of plants.

      Germinating almonds

      Learn how to germinate almonds and create your own almond orchard.

      The nitrogen cycle game

      Play the role of nitrogen to learn about the varied pathways through the cycle and the relevance of nitrogen to living things.

      How can we reduce our reliance on fossil fuels?

      Make your own spectroscope

      Use your newly crafted spectroscope to look at different types of light and view their spectra.

      How will we conserve species diversity?

      Soil erosion after fire

      Learn about how erosion caused by water affects our landscape after it is ravaged by fire.

      Native vs invasive species

      Discover how native and invasive species compete for food and water; and how invasive animals contribute to the decline of native creatures.

      Design your own parasite

      Design you own parasite with all the adaptations needed to survive your chosen environment.

      Where will the nanoscience revolution take us?

      Comparing energy: Battery vs petrol

      Discover how the energy density of a rechargeable battery compare with that of petrol.