Science Academy

The University of Adelaide’s Science Academy is for students in Years 8-12 who are passionate about science.

The Science Academy program aims to encourage students to study science. Students will develop an understanding of the relationship between high-school science subjects, university degrees and how to turn their passion for science into a career.

Participating Year 12 students will also benefit from an early provisional offer into a selected science degree* before they sit their exams.

Participating students are not required to do any additional work and all on-campus events are held outside of school hours.

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Participating schools will have access to:

  • Up to four interactive workshops at your school
  • Invitation to exclusive on-campus events
  • Subject selection resources and advice for students
  • Early offer* into a University of Adelaide science degree for year 12 students


  • In-school science workshops

    We invite students in Years 10 and 11 to participate in a range of interactive science workshops delivered in-school by University of Adelaide science educators.

    Choose from activities in chemistry, biology and physics, as well as other areas such as earth and environmental science, agriculture, animal science and future careers.

    Workshops work best with a minimum of 10 and maximum of 30 students.

    Participating students should be identified by their teacher based on their interest in the subject area.

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Year 12 students

Participating Year 12 students will gain an insight into life as a science student at the University of Adelaide and discover how studying science can lead to a huge range of career opportunities.

Our program is suitable for students who are studying two or more science subjects (Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry, Food & Nutrition, Physics, Scientific Studies or Mathematics) or one science subject and one maths subject.

Students will gain exclusive invitations to a range of on-campus events and an early provisional offer into a range of University of Adelaide Science degrees.

Major Science Academy Events



Welcome to Science Academy 2019

The official welcome event for all teachers and Year 12 students participating in the 2019 Science Academy.

Amanda Marshall

Science Academy contact

Amanda Marshall
Student Recruitment and Marketing Officer - Faculty of Sciences
Phone: (08) 8313 3137