Ag Food & Wine Seminar: Dr Philip Brewer

Dr Philip Brewer

Dr Philip Brewer

ARC Future Fellow | School of Ag, Food & Wine, University of Adelaide

Strigolactone Inhibition of Auxin Transport in Roots

Phil Brewer has joined the ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology at the University of Adelaide Waite Campus as an ARC Future Fellow. In this seminar, Phil will describe some key aspects of his recent research and outline his future research direction to uncover the mechanism of strigolactone action on auxin transport, and how this may effect root architecture in Arabidopsis and barley.

About the speaker

Phil completed his PhD at Monash University and gained postdoctoral experience at Tübingen University and the University of Queensland. Phil’s research interest involves the way plant hormones help plants to respond to changed growth conditions. His research has focused on strigolactone production and action, particularly how that relates to auxin and the transport of auxin.

Strigolactones have risen to prominence as regulators of shoot branching, root architecture and plant-fungi symbiosis. They help plants cope with sub-optimal growth conditions, such as low nutrients, shading, cold, drought and salinity, and attack from pathogens or parasitic weeds. Although strigolactones may function directly in responsive plant cells through regulating gene expression, they also display a distinctive non-transcriptional and non-cell autonomous inhibition of auxin transporters.

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