Biological Sciences Seminar: Dr Natalie Prow

Development of infectious disease vaccine candidates using a vaccinia-based replication defective platform


Biological Sciences Seminar - Dr Natalie Prow


Dr Natalie Prow - QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute

Dr Natalie Prow has nineteen years of experience in molecular virology and infectious diseases with a particular focus on the development and use of pre-clinical animal models for infectious diseases including the mosquito-borne flaviviruses, Zika, West Nile, Japanese encephalitis viruses and Alphaviruses, Chikungunya, Ross River and Sindbis viruses.

Her research has involved the use of molecular biology, immunology and virology to evaluate vaccine candidates, potential virulence determinants and therapeutics.

Dr Prow has a current research interest on industry-focused translational outcomes and has partnered with biotech company, Sementis Ltd to fast-track vaccine candidates through to clinical trials.

Dr Prow holds an Advanced Queensland Research Fellowship and manages project involved in the conception through to preclinical testing of novel vaccine candidates against some of the world’s most important infectious disease.

Dr Prow is involved in fast tracking the leading Sementis Zika/chikungunya vaccine candidate through to Phase I clinical trials. She also holds an Adjunct appointment at UniSA Cancer Research Institute, School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences.

Image courtesy: QIMR Berghofer

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