Earth Sciences Seminar: Marita Bradshaw



Marita Bradshaw - Petroleum Geologist

Marita Bradshaw is a petroleum geologist with over 30 years of experience in government and industry. With Geoscience Australia, ESSO Australia and WMC, she had a focus on revealing and promoting the petroleum prospectivity of Australia, offshore and onshore. She was recently recognised by the Australian Geoscience Council as a National Geoscience Champion


Australian petroleum exploration – a game for long term players

The Australian oil search over the past 100 years will be reviewed with a focus on the past few decades and some thoughts about what may lie ahead. While economic and political factors have been powerful influences on the exploration process, it is technological change, particularly advances in geophysics, which have driven the search forward. Our history shows that success often requires multiple exploration phases over more than one commodity price cycle. Examples discussed include those from the North West Shelf and South Australia, and follow the search from onshore to offshore and to deep water, and from conventional reservoirs to tight rocks as the target moves from oil to gas.

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