Earth Sciences Seminars - 2020

Researchers from the Department of Earth Sciences host regular seminars to facilitate a collaborative approach which applies cutting-edge methods to issues vital to sustaining our way of life on this planet .

Academics and students from collaborative institutions are also invited to share their research and knowledge when visiting our department and school.

The seminars are open to the public, industry, researchers from other departments, schools and universities, and to current and past students.


Seminar schedule - Department of Earth Sciences

  • Location: Mawson Lecture Theatre - Mawson building | Map
  • Time: 3:00 - 4:00pm (unless otherwise stated)
Date Speaker Presentation
March 6
PhD student - University of Adelaide

Reconstructing the late Pleistocene environmental history of South Australia: High-resolution geochronology and palaeoenvironmental proxies.

March 6
Dillon Brown
PhD student  - University of Adelaide

Exploring styles of metamorphism from the Palaeoproterozoic to the Palaeozoic – a few case studies

March 12)
Madigan LT

Professor Patrick De Deckker
Australian National University

Climatic evolution in the Australian region over the last 94 ka - spanning human occupancy - and unveiling the Local Last Glacial Maximum
March 13

Dr Sam Boone
Melbourne University

The application of low-temperature thermochronlogy in intra-continental rift settings: Insights from the East African Rift System


Professor Balz Kamber

Petrology and geochemistry of the 1.85 Ga Sudbury impact basins: lessons for the Hadean Earth and the Palaeoproterozoic ocean

POSTPONED Alex Simpson
PhD student - University of Adelaide
Thermochronological footprints of fluid alteration, recorded in apatite and calcite
POSTPONED Asika Dharmarathna
PhD student - University of Adelaide
Holocene climate variability in south-eastern Australia; an integrated isotope modelling approach at Lake Surprise, Victoria


Professor Martin Van Kranendonk

Geological complexity and the origin of life on land: Promising new insights from deep time Earth and implications for solar system exploration

Elaine Smid
University of Auckland
Jenni Hopkins
Victoria University of Wellington

Towards Determining Volcanic Risk in the Urban Auckland Volcanic Field, New Zealand
POSTPONED Dr Kathy Ehrig
BHP Olympic Dam
POSTPONED Nick Christie-Blick Why extensional detachment faults are still a problem
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