Earth Sciences Seminars - 2021

Researchers from the Department of Earth Sciences host regular seminars to facilitate a collaborative approach which applies cutting-edge methods to issues vital to sustaining our way of life on this planet.

Academics and students from collaborative institutions are also invited to share their research and knowledge when visiting our department and school.

The seminars are open to the public, industry, researchers from other departments, schools and universities, and to current and past students.

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What's on

Date Speaker Presentation
March 5
Professor Simon Turner
Macquarie University
Carbonaceous chondrite meteorites experienced fluid flow within the past million years
March 12
Dr Drew Downs
USGS - Hawaiian Volcano Observatory
Kilauea's newest lava lake: Response and monitoring of the December 2020 eruption
March 19
Dr Georgina Falster
Washington University in St. Louis
Imprint of the Pacific Walker circulation in global precipitation δ18O
March 26
Dr Adriana Dutkiewicz
University of Sydney
Deep-sea sediments, punch card women and a Cold War cover-up
April 9
Dr Anandaroop Ray
Geoscience Australia

Geophysical inversion and geological interpretation while accounting for uncertainty


April 30

Renée Tamblyn
University of Adelaide

Subduction zone metamorphism: Timescales and emergence in the geological record


May 7

Associate Professor Simon Holford
University of Adelaide

Emplacement of mafic laccoliths and their role in shallow crustal magma transport: constraints from 3D seismic reflection data

May 14
Erin Martin
Monash University
Linking supercontinents to a convective mantle framework
May 21
Yuexiao (Mandy) Shao
University of Adelaide
Calibration of alkaline earth metal isotope tracers in semi-arid coastal environments: Implication for modern and palaeo-hydrology of the Coorong, South Australia 
May 28
Dr Juraj Farkas
University of Adelaide
Redox history of earth’s surface environment: Insights from chromium isotopes and Australian rock records   
June 4
Dr Christopher Jackson
University of Manchester
Hot rocks beneath our feet; 3D seismic reflection imaging of the processes and products of crustal magmatism

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