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Physics Seminars - 2020

A summary of seminars and events hosted by the Department of Physics at the University of Adelaide.

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Public lecture - Universal Science

Spend an evening with an internationally diverse set of scientists who will answer questions about particle physics and high-performance distributed computing.

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Physics Seminar: Dr Helen Maynard-Casely

Our solar system contains a great array of small planetary bodies that show remarkable variability in the chemistry, and subsequent materials, that form on their surfaces.

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Open Day - Institute for Photonics & Advanced Sensing

Celebrate the fantastic research being conducted at IPAS, and explore the opportunities for summer scholarships, honours and PhD research.

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Research Tuesdays: Quantum of Promise

JULY 9: Unlikely as it sounds, quantum physics is as much a part of our daily lives as a morning coffee. University of Adelaide researchers are at the field’s cutting edge. They’re excited about the possibilities. And after this awe-inspiring presentation, you’ll understand why.

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Science Alive! Adelaide

AUGUST 3-4: The Faculty of Sciences will feature at Science Alive!, the largest mobile science exhibition in Australia.

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Physics Seminar: Takeshi Nakadaira (KEK) & Masashi Yokoyama

Takeshi Nakadaira (KEK) and Masashi Yokoyama will present a seminar on the status and prospects of neutrino experiments with large water Cherenkov detectors in Japan

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Honours in Science Information Session - Roseworthy

Learn more about the discipline-based research or a broader professional skills pathway you can complete under the mentorship of the University of Adelaide's top scientists

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Physics Seminar: Professor Ulrik Egede

Professor Ulrik Egede will present a seminar on whether beauty in particle physics can reveal the secrets of the Universe!

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Physics Seminar: Dr Simon Jolly

This talk will focus on the history of proton therapy treatment in the UK, give some rationale for choosing PBT over conventional radiotherapy and describe the current status of the two new NHS centres.

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