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Bachelor of Science (Ecotourism)

Study our new Bachelor of Science (Ecotourism) in Semester One 2018 - where science meets tourism.

Become a qualified science professional who can support the increased global demand for ecotourism through interpreting natural environments to support visitor enjoyment.

Our graduates will have the skills to work as ecotourism consultants to recognise and evaluate the potential of future geo and nature based tourism areas and to advise industry, government, and the broader community.

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  • What is Ecotourism?
    • Ecotourism is "ecologically sustainable tourism with a primary focus on experiencing natural areas that fosters environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation" (Ecotourism Australia).
    • In 2015/2016, approximately 68% of international visitors to Australia took part in some form of nature based activity (Tourism Australia).
    • The greatest need for ecotourism growth in Australia is not related to tourism. The sector needs science graduates who can interpret a landscape and its inhabitants and then communicate their understanding to non specialists.
  • Why study the Bachelor of Science (Ecotourism)?
    • Flexible learning tailored to students interests through majors offered in geotourism and nature based tourism.
    • Complete real world research projects on active ecotourism sites.
    • Get career ready working with industry, government and communities to assess the ecotourism potential of regions and sites.
    • Undertake national fieldtrips to get out of the classroom and develop practical skills.
  • What will you study?
    • CORE COURSES - All students will take core courses in Levels 1, 2, and 3 to enhance their breadth of knowledge and their communication skills.
    • MAJORS - Students will be able to complete a major (24 units with 12 units at Level 3) in either Geotourism or Nature Based Tourism.
    • MINORS - Three minors will be offered in the program: Geotourism, Nature Based Tourism, and Indigenous Knowledges and Society; each will consist of 18 units with at least 12 units in years 2-3.
    • ELECTIVES - A range of electives will be available for students to tailor the course to their interests.

    Refer to Degree Finder for full degree structure.

  • Career opportunities

    Ecotourism is an exciting and emerging area with employment opportunities nationally and internationally in local and national government, major tourism bodies, the private sector, as well as opportunities to establish your own consultancy or tourism business.

    • Ecotourism Tourism Operator
    • Wildlife Tourism Operator
    • Indigenous Cultural Ecotourism Manager
    • Ecotourism Development Manager
    • Director of Ecotourism Projects
    • Tourism Product Manager
    • Ecotourism Consultant
    • Ecotourism Researcher
    • Head of Recreation and Park Management
    • Sustainable Tourism Lecturer
    • Responsible Tourism Specialist

      You might be:

    • Developing community-based tourism programs in rural communities.
    • Assessing the potential and demand for ecotourism products and sites in Australia and overseas.
    • Working as an Ecotourism Consultant to identify investors and develop ecotourism guidelines and agreements for adventure and wildlife viewing tours.
    • Advising industry and communities to design and construct nature trails.
    • Providing ecotourism and environmental education and interpretation.
    • Developing ecotourism products and materials, including start-up ecotourism ventures and consultancy services.
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Top 100 in the world
for environmental sciences*
No. 1 in South Australia for graduate careers in environmental studies** Highest science graduate salary in
South Australia**
Tourism supports
1 in 10 jobs
Global ecotourism demand is predicted to grow at 10-12% per annum****

* 2016 QS Rankings by Subject
** Graduate Destinations Survey 2014-2015 and Graduate Outcomes Survey 2016
*** 2017 World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC)
**** United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), 2012 World Ecotourism Conference

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