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Early Entry Program

The Faculty of Sciences is committed to the promotion of STEM subjects in High School as desirable preparation for studying science at the university level

This program has been replaced from 2018 with the Science Academy.

To encourage this, the Faculty of Sciences has commenced a pilot program that supports students from partner institutions to gain a guaranteed place to most of our undergraduate programs. Students are chosen to participate in the Early Entry Program following a recommendation from the School Principal of the potential of a student based on their Year 11 performance.

The Early Entry Program aims to:

  • Improve student engagement with Science subjects in SACE Stage 2.
  • Recognise the level of preparation achieved through studying Science and Maths subjects at SACE Stage 2, and balance this with students’ ATAR achievement.
  • Improve student preparation for entry to undergraduate science study at the University of Adelaide.
  • Benefits

    For students

    The Early Entry Program offers a number of activities designed to prepare and support you in the journey towards university study. During the program you will receive access to:

    • staff and students at the University of Adelaide,
    • the Barr Smith Library, and
    • various events and experiences on campus.

    Because the successful completion (C- or higher) of science and maths subjects at SACE Stage 2 provides a strong foundation for success in a science program at university, EEP students will be guaranteed an offer to their chosen participating science program in the main January offer round if they meet the University’s minimum entry ATAR for the program. See the list of eligible programs below.

    For teachers

    In this program we are particularly interested in working with teachers to determine the best possible academic transition for students from Year 12 to their first year at university.

    Adjunct Associate Lecturer positions are offered to teachers who wish to strengthen their professional relationships with the Faculty of Sciences.

  • Conditions

    To participate in the Early Entry Program, students must:

    • Be from a partner institution.
    • Be going into SACE Stage 2 and receive a recommendation from their School Principal based on their performance in SACE Stage 1.

    To be eligible for a guaranteed offer into their chosen science program at the University of Adelaide in the main January offer round, EEP students must:

    • Pass at least two SACE Stage 2 subjects selected from Biology, Chemistry, Maths*, Geology and Physics.
    • Include their chosen Sciences program (see eligible programs) in the preferences listed on their SATAC application at the change of preference deadline.
    • Successfully complete their SACE, and achieve the minimum ATAR accepted for entry to the program.
    • Meet University entry requirements and any subject prerequisites for their chosen program.

    Students who participate in this program will be under no obligation to continue into a Sciences program at the University of Adelaide.

    *Please contact us to find out which mathematics subjects are eligible.

  • Eligible Programs

    This offer applies to the following programs administered by the Faculty of Sciences at the University of Adelaide:

    Double degrees are not administered by the Faculty of Sciences (even double Sciences degrees) and so are not included in this program.

    Students should keep in mind that all programs excluded from this offer can still be placed at a higher preference level in their SATAC application and that they will be considered for these in the normal process.

  • Partner Institutions

    Foundation Member Schools:

    • Australian Science and Mathematics School
    • Blackwood High School
    • Henley High School
    • Mark Oliphant College
    • Mount Gambier High School
    • St Columba College
    • Thebarton Senior College
    • Trinity College
    • Wilderness School

    In 2017 we will be expanding the program to a larger number of schools across Adelaide and regional areas.

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