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It is a requirement to upload emergency management and first aid training certificates, as well as certain licences and certifications to staff services online (SSO)

-Copy of email sent to all staff 7 June 2021-

Use the month of June to update your SSO profile.

You can add such emergency management training as:

  • First aid
  • Warden - Chief
  • Warden - Floor warden

Such licences and certifications as:

  • Radiation - Sealed/Unsealed
  • Radiation - Ionising
  • Forklift
  • Boating
  • Firearms

As well as work clearances, registrations, professional memberships and more.

Uploading your credentials in SSO not only benefits you, as you will receive automatic notifications of when your credentials are due for renewal, but it also benefits the Faculty and University as a whole as we:

  • Eliminate the need to record this information locally on spreadsheets and local databases.
  • Mitigate risk around compliance.
  • Ensure a safe environment for staff and students.
  • Build on the staff member’s profile.
  • Ensure staff have the required credentials in order to perform the duties of their role.

CLICK HERE to login to SSO. Navigate to your 'Profile' section. On the left-hand-side of the screen you will find the credential categories.

If you require any assistance please contact a member of the Sciences HSW Team.


Health, Safety and Wellbeing (HSW) Team

Faculty of Sciences

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