A message from the Executive Dean

It was great to come together for the first time at our recent Faculty-wide Forum.  If you were unable to attend, you can find a recording available here. Password to access: OU$u9uLP

Your feedback and questions have provided valuable guidance for our continued work in rolling out the new model. I have detailed answers to the questions we were unable to answer due to time constraints.  



How do the principles and deliverables of the OSP and the Service Quality Framework support the establishment and maintenance of the relationships between professional and academic staff?

Kat: A fundamental design principle underpinning the new centrally managed model is the inclusion of spoke teams embedded within faculties. These spokes will play a pivotal role in connecting professional staff with academics and nurturing and supporting these meaningful partnerships. They will also play a part in the next stage of the OSP project, helping to measure services and identify opportunities for improvement.

Do you anticipate a review of PD's in cases where roles and responsibilities have changed?

Mark: Position descriptions have been closely examined throughout the OSP process to ensure they align with roles in the new model; however, staff can always initiate a discussion of their position description should they feel it is warranted.

As the largest faculty, SET is responsible for bringing in substantial block grants. Does the number of staff employed to support this work reflect this? If not, will additional staff be employed?

Kat: Ongoing improvement will form part of the process, however at this early stage of implementation we need time to bed down the model. We will then look at how best to support areas for growth or enhanced student experience in the future.

Professional staff have been through so much change and uncertainty with the pandemic and the OSP. Many professional staff have taken on more duties and are trying to keep services running whilst being short staffed. Working here feels less rewarding than it has in the past. What will be done to support staff and deal with mental health issues?

Mark: I understand the sense of fatigue many are feeling. I would encourage anyone who is feeling overwhelmed or stressed to seek support through their supervisor and use the EAP where appropriate. The well-being of our staff is always at the front of our minds.

For those of us watching via Zoom is it possible to see the speakers as well as the presentation for future meetings please?

Mark: Unfortunately, due to a technical issue, it was not possible to screen both the speaker and the presentation simultaneously on this occasion. Where possible, we will seek to use venues that can facilitate this function in future.

As an academic I seem to have received very little information about new arrangements for accessing services. For example, I need to establish a casual contract for a tied-funded research assistant and I also need to get some salary information from the finance team. I have no idea who to contact, apart from my School Business Manager who is swamped.



A discussed at the recent SET forum, a Service Catalogue intranet was published on the University’s staff website to assist staff in identifying service inventories, access arrangements, and providers under the new operating model. For any assistance with service channels or to request updates and amendments to the catalogue, please use the ‘Need Further Information’ enquiry form. All enquiries submitted will be received and tracked by the Project Management Office including oversight of resolution processes. In some instances, more complex issues are escalated via a parallel triage workflow process.

With regards to your specific questions, please see links to the relevant directories and contact channels below and don’t hesitate to reach out if you require any further information.  

1. Establishing a casual contract for a tied-funded research assistant

HR Service Catalogue > HR Operations > Casual Staff Engagement

2. Questions relating to salary information:

Finance Service Catalogue> Research accounting> Research accounting advisory

All research related Finance advisory queries should be directed to finresearch@adelaide.com.au

If you have any further questions, please contact osp@adelaide.edu.au.

Our next forum will be held in July at our Waite campus. I look forward to being able to share details with you soon.  

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