Health, Safety & Wellbeing update

alarm signage landscape

Gas alarms are an essential part of safety equipment, gas detectors can detect oxygen deficiency, explosive atmospheres, and multiple poisonous gases. By the alarm sounding everyone working in that space can avoid suffering disastrous and even fatal effects.

There have been a few reports on gas alarms being blocked or covered recently, this is an issue because it prevents the gas detectors from working effectively .

Steps to keep you safe:

  • Familiarise yourself by first knowing if you have a gas detector in the spaces you work
  • Keep the area around the sensors clear to ensure people are aware that they are there, and the sensors are working without any possible fault.
  • Be familiar with the steps to take in the event of an emergency.
  • If your sensors and alarms are not labelled reach out to the Technical Services team for some signage (see photo of alarm signage).
  • Ensure your sensor is regularly calibrated and tested every 6 months to ensure it is working.

For further advice please contact your local Technical Services team.

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