ITDS notice: Sensitive data in ChatGPT

Many University staff are using ChatGPT for both work and home tasks such as research, problem solving, and writing. Please be wary of inputting sensitive or confidential data, such as student personal information or commercially sensitive data, into the application as the platform does not guarantee security of such data.


Several major organisations worldwide such as Amazon have identified through testing that the application can imitate internal data from organisations and can use that as training data for further ChatGPT iterations.


This advice also applies to all cloud and social media services that have not undergone a security due diligence check.


What data should not be inputted in ChatGPT?

  • Student personal information
  • Employee personal information
  • Commercially sensitive data


What should you do if you need further advice or assistance in using ChatGPT?


Please refer to the ITDS Secure IT page or log a ticket via the MyIT portal.

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