Health and Safety update March 2023

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Chief Wardens & Warden Network

Information has been updated and is placed on the HSW webpage, see here.

The Director of HSW has commenced a process to fill vacant Chief Warden roles.  HSW Advisory will be working with Chief Wardens to ensure they have the tools and support they need to perform their role to coordinate wardens for their building and fill warden vacancies.

If staff are located in a building that does not require a Chief Warden, they can check the details of wardens here.


Updating the warden register: Chief Wardens can update the Warden Register by emailing an area has a Chief Warden vacancy, staff who have an interest in the role can send a request to full list of wardens is available here.



Updating of First Aid details

To update your details on the first aid register please ensure that you:

1. Update your details in SSO Staff Services Online (SSO)

2. Update your details in the phone directory University staff directory

3. Request an update by following the link on the First Aid Register Page First Aid Register | Human Resources | University of Adelaide

Please refer to the First Aid Register page for full instructions.



Local HSW Induction Templates – Low/High Risk

Supervisors are reminded of their responsibility to ensure they have a system in place to provide appropriate information instruction and training to new staff/starters in their area.  Specific guidance on these responsibilities is available here.

These responsibilities include ensuring new starters are provided a Local HSW Induction.  Templates have been developed to guide supervisors for low-risk areas or areas that contain inherently high-risks (see here).

Should supervisors need advice on how to use the template to perform local HSW inductions in their area they should contact the HSW Advisory Service.



Workplace Inspection & Assurance Program 2023

In December of 2022, Bruce Lines (COO) advised approximately 250 supervisors that they will be required to complete a workplace inspection in 2023.  A selection of supervisors are now being contacted on the 1st of each month (Feb-Nov) and requested to complete their inspection within the month.  Supervisors have the ability to postpone their inspection up to three months where a specific business need arises. 

Heads of School/Area will be notified of supervisors that have failed to complete their assigned workplace inspection or arrange its postponement.

Data and performance reports from this program will be available from Q2/2023.

Supervisors can access supporting information and guidance here.  General support and advice is available from the HSW Advisory Service.

Delegating a workplace inspection: If for operational reasons you are unable to complete the inspection yourself and would like to delegate the task – please email indicating which University of Adelaide staff member you would like to delegate the inspection to. If you cannot complete the workplace inspection within the month, please advise which month (within the next three) you can complete the required inspection by sending an email to the same address.


Enforceable Undertaking (EU)

Nearly all the requirements, specified in the EU have been met.  The last remaining item should be completed by the end of January.  This will close the matter with SafeWork SA.

A video, which the University was required to produce as part of the EU, outlining the incident and our learnings from it can be accessed here.

To access information on the HSW Services provided by the HSW Advisory team see the HR Service catalogue. For HSW advice send your requests to

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