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The RTS operations teams offer services supporting research infrastructure and technical operations across all three campuses

These include coordinating common equipment training, maintenance, compliance and repair (e.g. fume cupboards, biosafety cabinet maintenance and certification)

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Our services

  • Equipment / building maintenance

    Equipment and building maintenance

    The RTS Operations teams support research activities on all three campuses. We are a point of contact for legislative compliance, minor infrastructure projects and general technical enquiries. Services also include maintenance, training, certification and repair of communal research equipment. We also coordinate communal research spaces

    For building and essential service issues e.g., tripped power circuits, light replacements etc., a service request can be logged by researchers via the University Infrastructure Archibus System


    For facility, equipment and urgent building issues please contact the Research Technical Services Operations teams via the emails below:

    Research Technical Services Operations - North Terrace
    Scope The Team Contact
    • North Terrace Campus
    • 2 Schools
    • Ilse Scharfbillig
    • Simon Banks
    • TBA

    School of Biological Sciences
    School of Physical Sciences
    Research Technical Services Operations - Waite and Roseworthy
    Scope The Team Contact
    • Roseworthy Campus
    • Waite Campus
    • 2 Schools
    • Alan McLennan
    • Joern Nevermann

    School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences

    School of Agriculture Food and Wine

  • Space / building access

    Space and building access

    The Faculty audits space usage and occupancy and identifies future requirements in consultation with Schools, as part of the annual space planning process.

    Approval for building access is managed by the Schools. Please ensure the area supervisor has completed the local area induction prior to requesting building access. A copy must be forwarded to the appropriate approver as shown on the access control delegate list from the Building Access page

    Building access request

    Advice on the process can be directed to the Research Technical Service teams.

    Campus Email
    North Terrace
  • Waste disposal

    Waste disposal

    Lab and chemical waste

    Chemical waste disposal procedures for Waite & Roseworthy campuses, and the School of Biological Sciences require a manifest (see below) to be submitted to the appropriate RTS Team

    Once the manifest has been approved by the University chemical waste provider, you will be contacted by an RTS Team member to arrange removal of your waste

    AVS Chem Waste Manifest  SBS Chem Waste Manifest  AFW Chem Waste Manifest


    Chemical waste from the School of Physical Sciences can be taken directly to the Chemical Facility in the Badger building in order to be manifested and removed

    Campus Email
    North Terrace

    Non-chemical waste

    For recycling of all waste other than lab chemical waste including batteries, e-waste, lab equipment and furniture contact the relevant campus RTS Team

  • PC2 / quarantine spaces

    PC2 and quarantine spaces

    For all matters and enquiries regarding PC2 and quarantine spaces, contact the relevant campus RTS Team in the first instance

    Campus Email
    North Terrace

    Further resources, advice and assistance can be obtained from ORECI

    Office of Research Ethics, Compliance and Integrity (ORECI)

  • MLS tissue culture facility

    Tissue culture facility

    The Molecular Life Sciences Building houses tissue culture suites on levels 2 & 3, with a total of six rooms dedicated to the culturing of a wide range of cells and primary tissues

    Each room provides specialised functionality dedicated to types of culture, such as virus, primary cells or just general cultures. A short induction is required before gaining entry to this area

    The induction covers the safety requirements for operating the biological safety cabinets, working around potentially biohazardous materials and facility guidelines for the shared space

    To book an induction contact North Terrace Support

  • Waite glasshouses and CERs

    Glasshouses and CERs

    Waite Campus offers a range of glasshouses, controlled environment rooms and polytunnels dedicated to plant and insect research

    The facilities are located in the Northern Barns, Plant Research Centre (SARDI managed facility) and at the Plant Phenomics Facility

  • MLS technical services unit and store

    Technical services unit (TSU) / store

    The Technical Services Unit / Consumables Store (MLS 437) sells solutions and media, research consumables, reagents, and provides sterile labware and an autoclave (sterilisation) service 

    The MLS Consumables Store offers a range of standard products used in bioscience research. This includes plasticware, general laboratory consumables and waste disposal containers (autoclave bags, sharps bins etc), as well as a range of pipette tips

    Also available on the ground floor is a Promega Corporation Biobar, a Genesearch e-freezer, and an AGRF fridge. These units dispense a wide range of common molecular biological reagents and kits, including enzymes, agarose, DNA and RNA extraction kits and molecular cloning reagents

    If you are planning to use the TSU, a short induction is required. Please email the TSU staff or phone x35355 to arrange. New users to the MLS Consumable Store are required to contact NT Support to undertake an information session outlining the procedures in the area

    For purchase of items held within the TSU / Consumables Store use the link below:

    Inventory Manager

  • Laboratory garment laundry

    The RTS operations teams can assist with the coordination of laboratory garment laundry

    Contact your relevant campus RTS operations team as required

    Campus Email
    North Terrace
  • Badger chemical store

    Badger chemical store

    The Chemical Facility holds stock relevant to laboratories in the science fields. It is able to supply high usage consumables and other laboratory basics to persons from the Faculty of Sciences who are able to supply appropriate identification and project code.

    The other major function of the facility is to receive and redistribute all orders delivered to areas of the Faculty of Sciences.



    Key contacts

    Contact details Team members

    Opening times

    Type Time Notes

    9 - 10am

    12 - 1pm

    3 - 4pm

    Although the chemical facility will be staffed outside these hours, our focus is on other services. Customers are strongly advised to visit during store hours. Purchases outside of these designated times should be in urgent cases only.
    All other services 9 - 4:55pm Delivery and pick up of parcels occurs during business hours.

    Chemical facility forms


    Type Notes
    Chemicals The Chemical Facility has a wide range of chemicals and solvents available, although restrictions can apply to certain chemicals.
    Gas To order gas cylinders, please use the University's eProcurement website.
    Inventory list

    Access the Chemical Facility Inventory here: 

    Chemical Facility Inventory

    Contact us for inventory information and requests:

    Email requests must include:

    • Project code
    • Inventory Item ID
    • Quantity
    • Building and room number of Lab/office if internal delivery is possible. Please discuss it with us first if you haven’t had it delivered before – only some items can be delivered.
    Lab materials The chemical facility has a range of laboratory materials and consumables available for purchase including gloves, pipettes and vials.
    Restricted chemicals Borrowing times for chemists - All restricted chemicals are due back by 4pm the same day. An 'end user declaration' must be completed by the user before collection.
    Solvents and non-restricted chemicals

    Most solvents are one-way (i.e. they are not returned) and are sold as 2.5L Winchester bottles.

    For users outside of the Department of Chemistry all chemicals are one-way. Returnable, non-restricted chemicals are due back by 4pm the following business day.


Facility and equipment information and instruction

  • Darling aquarium facility

    The Darling aquarium is located in room B03 of the Darling building. It can house a diverse range of seawater/freshwater based organisms for experimental purposes

    Coordination of the facility is managed by the RTS Team

    To gain access to the Darling aquarium, you will need to book an induction session with NT Support

  • Benham aquarium facility

    The Benham aquarium is located in room B10 of the Benham building. It can house a modest range of seawater/freshwater based organisms for experimental purposes

    Coordination of the facility is managed by the RTS Team

    To gain access to the Benham aquarium, you will need to book an induction session with NT Support

  • High and ultra-speed centrifuges

    The Faculty of Sciences houses a number of communal high and ultra-speed centrifuges to cover the wide ranging needs of our researchers

    As this equipment is particularly sensitive to mishandling and can result in serious injury to the user and nearby occupants, training must be undertaken prior to use

    The RTS Team run regular training sessions, please click on the links below to submit your enquiry:

    Campus Email
    North Terrace
  • Liquid nitrogen access

    The Faculty of Sciences has liquid nitrogen dispensing facilities available at North Terrace, Waite and Roseworthy

    The School of Biological Sciences at North Terrace also houses a liquid nitrogen facility for long term cryogenic storage of cells/tissues and other organic material

    To dispense liquid nitrogen from any of these facilities, training is required

    The RTS Team will run regular training sessions, please click on the links below to submit your enquiry:

    Campus Email
    North Terrace

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