Research Technical Services - Services & Facilities

The RTS services & facilities team offers analytical services, specialist IT, workshop services, and fleet and field support to the research conducted by the Faculty of Sciences, our Schools and the University


Research facilities

Mawson Analytical Spectrometry Services

MASS facilities offer wide-ranging services encompassing radiometric and stable isotopes analyses in conjunction with classical diffraction and chromatographic characterisation techniques

Adelaide Spectroscopy

AS facilities offer wide-ranging services in nuclear magnetic resonance, mass spectrometry, x-ray diffraction, spectroscopy and femtosecond laser spectroscopy research

Adelaide Proteomics Centre

The APC facility offers wide-ranging services in mass spectrometry-based protein identification, quantitation, characterisation of post-translational modifications and high throughput screening / QC of small molecules


Other facilities

  • Workshop - fabrication

    The workshop provides manufacturing and repair services to support teaching and research across the faculty.

    Manufacturing research work is prioritised compared to other repair jobs. Please send the workshop job request sheet with your project request to the workshop email address so that the project can be allocated and prioritised. There will be a nominal charge for work carried out, which will be calculated on receipt of the job request sheet. Users will also need to pay for the materials used.

    Mechanical services are capable of dealing with a large and complex range of technical design and manufacturing requirements to support teaching and research technical needs. These services are capable of producing precision work through to light to medium industrial grade construction and fabrication to suit your individual needs.

    The workshop technical staff provide a wide range of skills, abilities and knowledge in areas such as:

    • Prototype design and construction
    • Engineering design capabilities such as Computer Aided Drafting (CAD)
    • Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machining
    • Precision machining of an extensive range of materials
    • High Vacuum Systems and Fittings (design, construction and maintenance)
    • Vacuum pump maintenance and testing
    • Grinding (surface, angle and off-hand)
    • Spray painting
    • Sand blasting
  • Fleet, fieldwork and boats

    This facility provides support to staff and students using university facilities such as vehicles, boats, field stations or going on off campus activities (OCA)

    Prior to undergoing any OCA please refer to the off campus activity HSW requirements

    If you assess that booking a defibrillator on your trip is necessary, please also print and take along this guide. There are 3 defibrillators held in the field office, which can be booked through the Smartrak Poolcar system then arranged to be collected by contacting the Fleet and Field Office


    The faculty has fleet vehicles available to all staff and students who have registered using the faculty driver authorisation form and agreed to obey the University policy (vehicle safety management) and the faculty vehicle driver procedure

    The faculty has two vehicle fleets: one on North Terrace and one at Waite campus. Both campus fleet vehicles can be booked via the Smartrak Poolcar system using the booking system guide. There is a handy mobile app for the Pool Car system, which can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store. There is an app user guide available for help setting up and using the app. The fleet is composed of traditional cars for inter-campus travel as well as 4WD for field trip travel. The booking of the 4WD requires additional training prior to be being able to book the vehicle online

    • For any Off Campus Activity (OCA) supervisors are responsible for the health, safety and wellbeing of their staff and students
    • For use of private vehicles you must complete the Application for Private Vehicle Use Form
    • In case of any incidents or accidents involving faculty vehicles, refer to the faculty incident reporting guide
    • Prior to any trip please check your requirements for any centrally available field equipment items. This can be done by contacting the Fleet and Field Office
      Field stations

      Schools within the faculty own some field stations. Information can be found below. Please enquire with the Fleet and Field Office if you require more information


      There are 2 boats available for use by appropriately trained staff and students. The activities of these boats may include, but are not limited to; scientific research as approved by the Faculty of Sciences and its Schools, teaching activities associated with scientific research and teaching (including launch, retrieval and vessel handling). Typical uses of the vessel include, but are not limited to; transporting personnel and equipment to and from research sites, deploying and retrieving research equipment, sample collection and diving operations.

      If you are interested in using the boats please contact the Fleet and Field Office in the first instance for more information and also consult the HSW boating operations handbook chapter

      There is a small dinghy for inland waters, which is a 3.85m aluminium 'tinny' runabout powered by a 25hp outboard engine, built by Telwater in 2012. It has a maximum capacity of 4 persons

      A larger boat, known as Parody, is a 5.95m rigid inflatable boat (RIB) powered by twin 70hp outboard engines, built by Woody marine in 2014. it has a maximum capacity of 6 persons. Parody has a published safety management system and an emergency and SOP document

      The boats are available for use by all staff in the faculty who are appropriately trained in the use of boats and have undergone the boat operator/crew registration and updated the boating operations risk assessment

    • Specialist IT

      The faculty provides an IT specialist with a focus on Linux support. Based in the Physics building, room G35, Ramona Rogers can provide expertise in this area

      Ramona also has the ability to provide advice on general computing needs, desk phone requirements as well as non-standard equipment support.

      Linux support:

      • File server with NIS authentication
      • Web server for research data and collaboration
      • Linux application server
      • DHCP servers for the Linux systems
      • Linux system lab support attached to equipment for various researchers in Physics
      • Linux introduction support for new students

      Other support:

      • Research support for audio-visual and virtual reality equipment
      • Network assessment/support for various specialized laboratory hardware
      • Research-workshop/conference computer and network support
      • Non-standard equipment support for researchers (like DOS or Windows 95,98)

      For more information, please contact Ramona Rogers.

      IT hardware and support

      For all other IT issues, queries or help contact Information Technology and Digital Services



    Contact us

    • Key Contacts

      Research technical services management and leadership

      Title Person Role
      Research Technical Services Manager Mailys Stirling
      • Shared research facilities operations management
      • Technical services management
      • Infrastructure and space planning
      • Safety coordination
      Research Technical Services and Facilities Team Leader Paul Smith
      • Oversee faculty-wide specialist technical platforms
      • New services development
      • Infrastructure and equipment strategic planning and delivery

      Research technical services and facilities staff

      Title Person Role
      Services and Facilities Officer (Analytical) Rob Klaebe
      • Management of the TIMS mass spectrometer
      • Co-management of the IRMS mass spectrometry facility
      • Management of the HF clean lab facility
      • Technical expertise and support in isotope analysis
      Technical Officer Matthew Bull
      • Part-time management of the Adelaide Spectroscopy facility
      • Technical expertise and support for NMR and mass spectrometers
      Senior Services and Facilities Officer (Analytical) Tony Hall
      • Management of the OMAC Facility
      • Co-management of the IRMS mass spectrometry facility
      • Technical expertise and support for GC-MS/FID and X-Ray Diffractometer
      Services and Facilities Officer (Analytical) Vacant
      • Management of the Adelaide Proteomics Centre
      • Technical expertise and support for techniques used to identify proteins, quantifying changes in protein expression levels and characterising post-translational modifications
      Services and Facilities Officer (Workshop) - North Terrace Peter Apoefis
      • Provide mechanical, restricted electrical and technical support
      • Design, develop, manufacture and construct simple and complex equipment, instruments, and systems
      • Specialised in high vacuum pumps
      Services and Facilities Officer (Workshop) - North Terrace Vacant
      • Provide electro-mechanical and technical support
      • Design, develop, manufacture and construct equipment and components to fine tolerances and high grade surface finishes with a variety of advance materials
      Technology Officer Ramona Rogers
      • Administration and operation of non-standard ICT systems
      • Support and manage Linux platform across the faculty
      • Review and develop ICT-related business processes, systems and procedures in relation to research projects

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