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Learning & Teaching

Every student in the Faculty of Sciences benefits from our rich tradition of outstanding teaching and learning.

The learning experiences we offer are based on cutting edge research, and our graduates are both career-ready and poised to make an impact on society.

Whether you are a current student or staff member, you will find resources below to continue to strive towards our aim of excellence in teaching and learning.

Faculty of Sciences Graduate Attributes

Graduate attributes describe the qualities, knowledge and capabilities that students are encouraged to take responsibility for developing throughout their studies at the University.

  • 1. Deep discipline knowledge
    • Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of one or more disciplines that is informed by cutting edge research and creative practice, and scaffolded throughout the program of study
    • Knowledge acquired from personal interaction with research active educators throughout the program of study
    • Knowledge accredited or validated against national and/or international standards, as appropriate for relevant programs
  • 2. Critical thinking and problem solving
    • Skills grounded in and developed by appropriate research and creative practice methods
    • Skills based, where appropriate, on empirical evidence and the scientific approach to knowledge development
    • Skills developed and demonstrated in the academic environment of the Small Group Discovery Experience, and appropriate and relevant assessment tasks
  • 3. Teamwork and communication skills
    • Skills developed and validated via the Small Group Discovery Experience, and discipline-appropriate activities
    • Skills demonstrated in assessment and academic practice throughout the program of study
  • 4. Career and leadership readiness
    • Skills of a high order in the use of contemporary technologies
    • Skills are of professional standard and, where relevant, fully accredited
    • Skills are developed, tested and validated by career-ready, work-based or work-simulated experiences
  • 5. Intercultural and ethical competency
    • Competency measured by effective engagement in and/or with other cultures and nationalities, and in a range of social contexts
    • Skills developed and demonstrated in study abroad opportunities, appreciation of Indigenous knowledge and perspectives, and/or a professional standard of social and ethical responsibility
  • 6. Self-awareness and emotional intelligence
    • Self-awareness and emotional intelligence developed through teamwork, and demonstrated in self-reflective communication skills
    • Interpersonal skills are responsive and sensitive to alternative viewpoints
    • Self-directed learning, independent decision making and self-management developed through a range of learning experiences

See the University's Learning & Teaching page for an overview of the University of Adelaide graduate attributes.

Student and Staff Resources

Supporting Student Learning

The University offers support for developing English language, maths learning, and academic writing skills, as well as researcher development and IT training.

Supporting Staff Teaching

Our University encourages, recognises and celebrates achievement and excellence.

The impact our staff have on students is recognised through teaching awards and grants and we are proud of the honours and recognition our teachers have received from their industry and the government. It is the quality of our teachers that allows us to consistently rank among the world's best universities and to be well placed against other universities in the Course Experience Questionnaire (CEQ) annual surveys of graduates' experiences.

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