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Enhanced Learning in First-Year Sciences

Educational Rationale

In synergy with our refocus on the 10 Big Questions, we’ve taken innovation to the next level with the use of mobile devices to create a more interactive and collaborative learning environment for undergraduate science students. This initiative was the first of its kind in Australian higher education.

Image on right From 2011 to 2014, we provided free Apple iPads to incoming undergraduate students in eligible science programs. This allowed us to deliver outstanding online course content, provide a more flexible educational experience for the student, and implement a greater level of interactivity in the classroom. Thanks to this initiative, our teaching material became more accessible, relevant and more frequently updated - reducing printing demands and text book costs, and enabling the next generation of students to study anytime and anywhere.

Throughout this journey, we have learned a great deal about the online learning habits of our students. We've seen personal tablet ownership outside of this initiative increase, and we've established when and where these tools are at their most useful.

The Faculty of Sciences teaching staff are firmly committed to interactive learning that will provide a relevant curriculum for our students. Our programs and initiatives such as these will evolve to suit their changing needs.


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