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Light driven degradation of persistent organic pollutants

Persistent organic pollutants

Honours project: Help development methods and processes for effective degradation of Persistent organic pollutants (POPs) to mitigate their emerging health and environmental effects.

[Read more about Light driven degradation of persistent organic pollutants]

Advanced research in plant hormones

Philip Brewer

Honours project: Contribute to new research on ways to make plants more resilient.

[Read more about Advanced research in plant hormones]

Microbiome of native Australian mammals

Wombat photo - Raphael Eisenhofer

Honours project: Various honours projects are available to study the microbiomes of our native Australian mammals.

[Read more about Microbiome of native Australian mammals]

Improving salt tolerance in grapevines

Viticulture student

Honours project: Investigate the movement of salt and water in grapevines in order to understand the effect of salinity on growth.

[Read more about Improving salt tolerance in grapevines]

Evaluating vaccine response in sheep

Colin Trengove lamb ewe wide

Honours project: Evaluate the efficacy of a Mycoplasma vaccine to produce an immune response in sheep.

[Read more about Evaluating vaccine response in sheep]

Structural study of misfolding proteins

An illustration of the neuropathology of Alzheimer's disease - BruceBlaus / CC BY-SA

Honours project: Investigate the structural characterisation of protein misfolding in amyloid diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

[Read more about Structural study of misfolding proteins]

Snake venom proteins


Honours project: Gain new insights into higher order protein structures in selected snake venoms.

[Read more about Snake venom proteins]

Use of local anaesthesia for lamb marking

Numnuts lamb marking Avington Merino Stud

Honours project: Evaluate the efficacy and adoption of Numnuts, a local anaesthetic used on sheep.

[Read more about Use of local anaesthesia for lamb marking]

Lactation oestrus and breeding in sows

Pig sow piglets

Honours project: Efficacy of a modified gonadotrophin protocol for oestrus and ovulation in lactation
Lactation oestrus and breeding in sows.

[Read more about Lactation oestrus and breeding in sows]

Effect of pre-partum hCG on farrowing performance of older parity sows & their piglets viability

Pig sow

Honours project: Investigate blood oestrogen levels of older sows and subsequent piglet growth and survival. 

[Read more about Effect of pre-partum hCG on farrowing performance of older parity sows & their piglets viability]

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