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Saving megafauna from bacteria

A skeleton of a Marsupial Lion (Thylacoleo carnifex) in the Victoria Fossil Cave, Naracoorte Caves National Park Karora, Public domain

Honours projects: Identify and image biofilms that threaten the Naracoorte Caves National Park fossils.

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It’s space water, but not as we know it

Full moon. Image: Gregory H. Revera, CC BY-SA 3.0

Honours projects: Explore laser-induced fluorescence of water and aqueous minerals for space applications.

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The Curnamona Cube


Honours projects: Fly across remote Australia in a helicopter, for one of the world's biggest geophysical science projects.

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Sounding the ionosphere using software define radio (SDR)

Honours project:  Evaluate the utility of software defined radio (SDR) for providing low-cost ionospheric sounder receivers.

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Enhancing wheat yield and drought tolerance

Stuart Roy researcher photo

Honours project: Join an international project that aims to increase yield potential in wheat.

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What goes down, must come up?


Honours project: Explore the chemistry of magma to trace what the inputs to volcanoes are at depth.

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Deep learning for better cellular imaging

Malaria biology imaging - Danny Wilson

Honours project: Help improve the imaging capabilities of scientists studying infection and reproductive biology.

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Complex Systems

Honours projects: Projects focused on complex systems which are are typically comprised of a large number of interconnected components which interact collectively, leading to emergent behaviour, such as self-organisation, which is not apparent from the properties of the underlying components.

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Testing for irradiated foods

Food market

Honours project: Optimise methodologies to detect irradiated food by optically-stimulated luminescence.

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Quantum Field Theory

Honours projects: Projects can be phenomenological or mathematical in character, or the focus may be on technique.

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