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CSSM seminar history

Lecture seminar

A summary of seminars hosted by CSSM and CoEPP.

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Scientists explore mine over matter

A temporary laboratory installed in the Stawell gold mine.

Scientists are placing giant crystals in an old gold mine more than 1km underground, in order to find elusive dark-matter particles.

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Physicists charge ahead with proton discovery

Physicists charge ahead with proton discovery - Parity-violating electron scattering from the proton

A University of Adelaide physicist has assisted in a discovery which may catalyse the ability to solve some of science's biggest remaining mysteries.

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Highlights from CSSM in 2017

Dr Phiala Shanahan - PhD (Physics & Astro)/BSc (High Perf Comp Phys)(Hons)  |  “At the University I was able to work closely with world leaders in my field and learn from them in an incredibly supportive environment. It was the best possible start to my academic career”

Key updates from the centre including new videos and a PhD graduate who's been named in the 'Forbes 30 under 30'!

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QCD Downunder 2017


QCD Downunder 2017 brought together a number of specialists in non-perturbative field theory as well as others working in the areas of hadron physics and related fields.

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CSSM news updates from 2016

INPC news banner

The 26th International Nuclear Physics Conference was held in Adelaide 11-16 September.

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Proceedings of INPC 2016

INPC news banner

Proceedings and presentations from the 26th International Nuclear Physics Conference in Adelaide.

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New Directions in Subatomic Physics workshop

Dr Anthony Williams

The New Directions in Subatomic Physics workshop covered a number of areas of subatomic physics in which Professor Tony Williams made significant contributions during his career.

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Professor Tony Thomas is SA Scientist of the Year

Dr Anthony Thomas

University of Adelaide leading particle physicist Professor Anthony (Tony) Thomas is South Australian Scientist of the Year for 2014.

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