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Semiconductor Physics

Excitation heat map

Honours project: This project will use statistical mechanics, quantum mechanics, and molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo simulations to investigate the self- assembly of organic semiconductor interfaces and the impact of the resulting interface structure on electronic processes such as charge separation, transport, and recombination.

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Reduced dimensionality representations of soft matter

Ellipsoid vs ball

Honours project: Use methods from statistical mechanics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to develop algorithms to automate the dimensionality reduction process.

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Interplay of structural & electronic properties in organic electronics

Huang organic electronics

Honours project: Develop a more predictive approach to controlling organic electronic device performance, in particular by exploiting molecular anisotropy to manipulate the structure of organic semiconductor interfaces.

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Molecular effects in membrane fluid transport

Huang hydrodynamics

Honours project: Develop a general theoretical understanding of the fluid and membrane parameters that control membrane transport processes and to investigate deviations from continuum hydrodynamics predictions due to molecular effects, which could potentially be harnessed to optimise these processes.

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Kinetics & thermodynamics of biomimetic mineralisation

Biomimetic mineralisation

Honours project: Explore the new field of biomimetic mineralisation, and its potential for application to areas including industrial biocatalysis and biotechnology.

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