Webinar: Honours information session

Tuesday October 6

Join us for a short online session to discover why honours could be the right choice for you.

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News: Honours projects - Martin Breed

Restoration ecology: Urban rewilding

Urban rewilding

Honours project: Explore urban rewilding - optimising the rewilding of urban green space microbiomes.

[Read more about Restoration ecology: Urban rewilding]

Restoration ecology: Population genomics

Study biological sciences

Honours project: Use population genomics to inform restoration seed sourcing of Australian plants.

[Read more about Restoration ecology: Population genomics]

Restoration ecology: Evolutionary ecology

Australian plant - Wattle

Honours project: Explore microgeographic variation in adaptive traits in Australian plants.

[Read more about Restoration ecology: Evolutionary ecology]

Restoration ecology: Smart cities

Adelaide street trees

Honours project: How can we optimise the management of Adelaide’s street trees?

[Read more about Restoration ecology: Smart cities]

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