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Flu vaccine

Honours project: This exciting research project will investigate virus purification, the effect of gamma-irradiation on virus structure, and the ability of gamma-irradiated viruses to induce cytotoxic T cell responses.

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How Shigella initiates infection

Honours project: Investigate the Shigella adherence to and invasion of the human colon.

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Drug resistance of malaria parasites

Honours project: Characterise drug sensitivities and resistance mechanisms of different malaria parasite species.

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Stress response in pathogenic bacteria: Haemophilus influenzae

Dr Stephen Kidd

Honours project: Participate in important research into the stress response in pathogenic bacteria, in particular, Haemophilus influenzae which can lead to several serious diseases in humans.

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Zika virus infection of the placenta

Honours project: Examine the role of the innate immune response to zika virus infection in the female reproductive tract (FRT) and placenta.

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Identifying new drugs that kill parasites

Honours project: Work with a team of researchers who are identifying and characterising novel drugs that kill apicomplexan parasites.

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Group B Strep & oxidative stress

Dr Stephen Kidd

Honours project: Identify the response of Group B Streptococcus to relevant reactive oxygen and reactive nitrogen species.

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Staphylococcus aureus & lifestyle variations

Stephen Kidd Staph

Honours project: Conduct biomedical research into Staphylococcus aureus (Golden staph).

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Mixed colony biofilms & disease outcome

Honours project: This molecular and biomedical science honours project explores mixed colony biofilms and their relationship to disease outcomes.

[Read more about Mixed colony biofilms & disease outcome]

Unwrapping the 3D genome to map autoimmune disease

Honours project: Help unravel the chromatin interactome to map the genetic risk of type 1 diabetes.

[Read more about Unwrapping the 3D genome to map autoimmune disease]

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