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Tuesday October 6

Join us for a short online session to discover why honours could be the right choice for you.

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News: Honours projects - Murray Whitelaw

Signalling pathways of epileptic seizures

Honours project: Explore the signalling pathways that induce NPAS4, which is highly induced in neurons during epileptic seizure, where it functions to dampen hyperexcitation.

[Read more about Signalling pathways of epileptic seizures]

Structure determination of bHLH/PAS proteins

Honours project: This honours project will use analogous strategies to express, purify, crystallise and solve structures of mammalian bHLH/PAS proteins.

[Read more about Structure determination of bHLH/PAS proteins]

Sim1 gene & its link to morbidly obese children

Honours project: Investigate Sim1 deficiency, a gene linked to severe childhood obesity and resultant from defects in satiety signalling in the hypothalamus.

[Read more about Sim1 gene & its link to morbidly obese children]

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