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Modelling and analysis of cell survival data from hadron therapy

Honours projects: Study honours in physics and help improve the accuracy of cancer treatment planning.

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Lattice Gauge Theory

Honours projects: Projects in this area study lattice gauge theory by developing numerical simulations on high performance computers.

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Effective Field Theory

Honours projects: Developing innovative techniques which serve to guide and interpret research at international experimental facilities.

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Radar Rainfall Studies

Honours projects: Scanning weather radars use empirical relationships to calculate rainfall rates from the measured returned power. Depending on student’s interest various projects using a combinations of systems is possible. These could include sensor fusion, radar deployment, comparison techniques, validation with Bureau of Meteorology’s computational models, etc.

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Transient Weather Events

Honours project: Integration of data from multiple instruments to determine the origins of recurring and transient weather events in the Adelaide area.

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Using Satellite Detections to Monitor the Ionosphere

Honours project: Refining satellite detection techniques using a large radar north of Adelaide to develop new ways to measure the amount of plasma in the upper atmosphere and compare the results with other methods.

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GPS Measurements from Ground & Space

Honours project: Use of GPS measurements from dual-frequency GPS receivers to study variation in electron density in the ionosphere and atmospheric water vapour.

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Evolution of Interplanetary Dust Orbits

Honours project: Computational modelling of the trajectories of small objects in orbits around stars enables a better understanding of the evolution of planetary systems and interplanetary dust.

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Radio Astronomy at 55 MHZ

Honours projects: Students will gain experience in radio interferometry techniques which underpin major astronomy programs in Australia such as the Square Kilometre Array (SKA).

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Studying the Highest Energy Particles in Nature with the Pierre Auger Observatory

Pierre Auger Observatory

Honours project: Projects with the Pierre Auger Observatory in western Argentina which has been built to detect giant cascades of particles created in our atmosphere by the highest energy particles known in the Universe.

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