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The Faculty of Sciences is a synergy of four research intensive schools; thriving research centres and groups; and strong cross-institutional collaborations.

Our world-renowned scientists are critical thinkers and experts in their fields. Our researchers link with experts in industry, government and international institutions to solve real-world problems. They are driven by a passion to find answers, and to discover new ways to make our world a smarter, safer and a more sustainable place.

From understanding disease and tackling environmental challenges, to advancing technology and mapping distant galaxies; our teaching is informed by our cutting-edge research.

Our campuses are home to a number of co-located industry partners, affiliated researchers and research institutes of international significance. This close proximity offers a unique opportunity for our students to gain practical and theoretical knowledge through dynamic national and international research projects.

Join us, as we make (gravitational) waves through the world of science.

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Scientists in the news this week: May 29, 2020

Your round-up of University of Adelaide scientists and science graduates in the news this week.

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Evolution of colour vision in sea snakes

New research suggests sea snakes’ vision has been modifying genetically over millions of generations, enabling them to adapt to new environments and see prey – and predators – deep below the sea surface.

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A return to the wild for better immune health

Revegetation of green spaces within cities can improve soil microbiota diversity resulting in human health benefits, researchers say.

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