Molecular Virology

Molecular Virology Group research focuses on virus-host interactions and viral genome replication for the related Flaviviridae family viruses hepatitis C, dengue and Zika.

Molecular Virology Group

We seek to develop and apply novel reporter virus tools, sensitive and minimally invasive high-resolution imaging and sensing techniques and targeted and random manipulation of infectious viral genomes.

This helps us better understand the viral and host determinants of viral replication compartment formation, morphology and function and how viral replication complexes interact with virus assembly platforms. 

We also employ functional genomics and drug library screens to identify host factors and pathways that are co-opted by these viruses. This allows us to also identify and investigate novel antiviral therapeutic compounds and strategies. 

Funding for our research comes from NHMRC, Channel 7 Children’s Research Foundation and the Australian Centre for HIV and Hepatitis Virology (ACH2).

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Dr Nick Eyre

Head - Molecular Virology Laboratory

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