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Biogeochemistry Facility

Provide best practice analytical services for investigating biological interaction with the earth, and the record of this in soils, sediments and rocks.

Analytical services for petroleum geochemistry, palaeoclimatology, soil geochemistry, mineralogy, sedimentary geochemistry, environmental research and biofuel analysis.

Now offering commercial analyses for the oil & gas industry. Commercial clients include Santos, Central Petroleum, Imperial Oil & Gas, PetroFrontier, Statoil and DSD (SA).

Advantages of our commercial services

  • Industry quality and standard analysis
  • Rapid response times
  • Flexibility in volumes – from single samples to larger numbers
  • Value-added services – Subject matter experts can provide evaluation and interpretation of results
  • Quality control and standard systems at the University of Adelaide
  • Commercially trained laboratory staff

Commercial Services Available

  • Sample Preparation

    With an extensive suite of rock cutting, crushing, milling and sieving equipment we can offer a range of rock preparations to suit the majority of analytical and imaging requirements

  • Automated Solvent Extraction Equipment

    Thermo Dionex ASE350 with 24 cell capacity

    Hydrocarbon extraction from solid matrices. Rapid automated extraction process provides for reliable throughput of samples prior to whole oil or fractionated organic geochemical analyses

  • Gas Chromatography - Mass Spectrometry & Flame Ionisation Detection

    PerkinElmer AxION iQT GC-MS-MS with Cold EI capability and two quadrupole single mass resolution GC-MS instruments (PerkinElmer Clarus 580 & HP5973); Quantum MSSV injection system. GC-FID capability is also available on our HP6890

    Quantitative and qualitative analyses of whole oils and hydrocarbon fractions; oil characterisation and biomarker screening from conventionally solvent extracted samples; thermal extraction and pyrolysis extraction GC-MS allowing excellent source–oil correlation capabilities

  • Source Rock Analyses

    Weatherford Laboratories SRA TPH Workstation

    Rock-eval equivalent total hydrocarbon potential (TPH) analysis. This allows analysis of the S1 & S2 hydrocarbon fractions and collection of TMax & Rocalc maturity data key to understanding source rock potential

  • X-Ray Diffraction

    Bruker D8 Advance XRD

    Mineral phase determination of whole rock and clay separate fractions; qualitative and quantitative analyses on whole rock samples in addition to clay mineral phase distribution, allowing greater understanding for source rock and seal characterisation, especially helpful in determining the frackability of unconventional resources

  • Elemental Analyses

    Perkin Elmer 2400 Series II Elemental Analyser

    Bulk elemental concentrations from whole rock samples for C, H, N, S & O; The total carbon concentration of a sample are also utilised to calculate the total organic carbon (TOC) concentration by back-subtraction of inorganic carbon from carbonate phases

  • Size Distribution Analyses

    CPS Disc Centrifuge

    Nanometer to micrometer size distribution of particulate phases

Sample Submissions & Pricing

Please contact Dr Tony Hall for queries about sample submission and pricing for the desired service/s.

Associated Facilites

Key People

Tony Dr Tony Hall
Facility Manager/Analyst

15+ years in commercial laboratories, previously the Technical Director & Laboratory Manager of Hall Analytical Laboratories Ltd (UK) a GLP, UKAS & ISO accredited facility. Led development, validation and implementation of standard operating procedures. Method development in the environmental, pharmaceutical, industrial and chemical processing fields as well as conducting geochemical and archaeological research.
David A/Prof David McKirdy

One of Australia’s most respected organic and petroleum geochemists. With nearly half a century of experience focusing predominantly on Australian petroleum systems, Dr McKirdy is available for generating comprehensive interpretive reports.

Sprigg Geobiology Centre Biogeochemistry Facility
Department of Earth Sciences, Mawson Laboratories
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