Ramsay Fellowships

In response to a generous donation from the Ramsay family, we support applications from outstanding researchers to conduct full-time research within the Faculty of Sciences.

The Ramsay Fellowship aims to:

  • Advance knowledge and fundamental research in the natural sciences.
  • Encourage general increase in research excellence.
  • Increase research opportunities at The University of Adelaide.
  • Provide opportunities for outstanding young Australian scientists and to enhance their potential as future scientific leaders.


The Ramsay Fellowship was established in 2008 with a significant bequest from the Ramsay family. The Ramsay family were founders of the Kiwi Polish Company (later Kiwi International), the famous shoe polish manufacturers. Hamish Ramsay fulfilled his late stepmother's wish to help advance scientific research by pledging funds for four-year Ramsay Fellowships.

Ramsay Fellows

Dr Fiona Whelan

Current Ramsay Fellow
School of Biological Sciences

Dr James Quach

Current Ramsay Fellow
School of Physical Sciences

Dr Stephen Warren-Smith

School of Physical Sciences

Dr Stephanie Watts-Williams

School of Agriculture, Food and Wine

Dr Witold Bloch

School of Physical Sciences

Dr Kate Wegener

School of Biological Sciences

Dr Simon Baxter

School of Molecular and Biomedical Science

Dr Sundance Bilson-Thompson

School of Chemistry & Physics

Dr Paul Raston

School of Chemistry & Physics