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The David Murray Scholarship in Science


This Prize has been established by the University as a result of a contribution by David Murray, late of London, England and Adelaide, Merchant and a former member of the Council of the University, who died in London on 6 January 1907. David Murray bequeathed a pecuniary legacy of 2,000 pounds to the University of Adelaide to be applied towards the Scholarship Fund of the University. The sum of $4,500.00 may be awarded in each year by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, by the Adelaide Law School, by the Faculty of Sciences, by the Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences and by the School of Medicine. The rules below refer only to the David Murray Prize in Science. The purpose of the prize shall be to encourage advanced work and original investigation.


The value of the David Murray Prize in Science will be $900.00 per year, or such other amount as the University shall from time to time determine.


The prize will be awarded by the University annually to a student who has satisfied all the academic requirements for an ordinary degree or Level 3 of a 4 year program in the Faculty of Sciences and who has enrolled for the Honours degree.

Selection of Candidate

The Heads of School in the Faculty of Sciences are to be asked in March each year to nominate a student for this award in line with the original intent of the prize to encourage advanced work and original investigation. The Faculty of Sciences Prize Committee will review the nominations and award the prize to the most academically outstanding student, with particular emphasis on Level 3 results.

Previous Winners

2017 Sacha Clifton (School of Agriculture, Food & Wine)
Gabrielle Hung (School of Biological Sciences)
2016 Helen Geng (School of Physical Sciences)
Joshua Crilly (School of Physical Sciences)
Joseph Rossi (School of Physical Sciences)
2015 Ben Geytenbeek (School of Physical Sciences)
Matthew Bowie (School of Biological Sciences)
2014 Gemma Gransbury (School of Chemistry & Physics)
2013 Talia Wittmann (School of Earth & Environmental Sciences)
Dylan Harries (School of Chemistry & Physics)
2012 Sophie Hollitt (School of Chemistry & Physics)
2011 Phiala Shanahan (School of Chemistry & Physics)
2010 Emma Langhans (School of Chemistry & Physics)
2009 Sophie Underwood (School of Chemistry & Physics)
2008 Ben McGee (School of Earth & Environmental Sciences)
Claire Walker (School of Molecular & Biomedical Science)
2007 Samuel Stranks (School of Chemistry & Physics)
Samuel Edwards (School of Chemistry & Physics)
2006 Bradley Simpson (School of Molecular & Biomedical Science)
2005 Adam Palmer (School of Molecular & Biomedical Science)
2004 Lucky Tran (School of Molecular & Biomedical Science)
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