Choose agriculture and study a degree ranked in the top 40 in the world. There are five jobs available, on average, for every graduate from our agricultural science program.


Join the booming agriculture industry

  • You’ll study at the Waite and Roseworthy campuses, which are recognised as centres of excellence in agricultural science.
  • You’ll discover the physical, biological, technological and economic bases of modern agricultural systems, and learn to manage diverse agricultural systems and natural resources.
  • We’re co-located with government and industry partners, so you’ll be able to use the latest research, innovation and technology.
  • This degree gives you the highest chance of full-time employment, compared to any other degree in South Australia. 
  • The proportion of agricultural graduates in full-time employment is 12-15% higher than graduates from other degrees.
  • In fact, 91% of our Bachelor of Agricultural Science graduates find full-time employment within just a few months of graduation.
  • Become highly sought after in the livestock, cropping, banking, research and natural resource management industries. 

Studying the best agricultural science degree in South Australia can be a great investment in your future.

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