Higher Education Certificate: Applied Data Analytics

The University of Adelaide's course in applied data analytics is a gateway to further education or a career in big data. It's also an opportunity to upskill and find new solutions in your current industry.

Study decision science and big data analytics to uncover how you can help solve problems across various fields including economics, public health, agriculture, environmental science, geosciences and bioinformatics.

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Get a uni qualification in just six months

The Australian government is funding additional places at universities to upskill the nation in priority areas, including data analytics.

Our Undergraduate Certificate in Applied Data Analytics can be your gateway to a career in this fast-growing industry or allow you to pursue further study. 

If you are already studying, you’ll gain an extra credential which will give you a competitive edge when you enter the job market. 

Or, if you are employed you will learn practical skills that will help you to find new solutions within your current industry.


Course details

Course snapshot

Start dates

  • March 2021 - part-time or full-time
  • July 2021 - full-time only


  • 6 months full-time; or 12 months part-time
  • Course must be completed in 2021



  • $2,470 - $3,790

Entry requirements

For this course, you only need one of the following:

  • Certificate III qualification or higher plus one or more year of full-time equivalent relevant work experience.
  • Completed Year 12, no minimum ATAR. 
  • Three of more years of full-time equivalent relevant work experience.
  • Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT) score of 125 or higher.
  • Completion of a tertiary enabling program.

Full certificate details

  • Why study this course?

    Explore. Big. Data.

    With the rise of the digital age, data has become the world’s most valuable commodity; but only if it can be interpreted accurately.

    The uptake of data-driven decision making across all industries has fuelled a big data boom, making those with skills in the area highly employable.

    Why study this course?

    • Receive a recognised university-level qualification from the University of Adelaide.
    • Learn to use big-data analytics across a range of fields, giving you the skills employers are looking for.
    • Understand the use of data analytics in different industries.
    • Design new ways to address complex problems.
    • Apply data analysis to develop strategies for success in your chosen area.
    • Build expertise in extracting insights from data and learn how to effectively communicate them to stakeholders.
    • Access University of Adelaide student services, such as career advice and support.

    Once completed you may:

  • Who is this course for?

    This higher education certificate is perfect if you:

    Want a taste of university but aren’t ready for a full degree.

    • The subjects (or units) that you will study will give you an understanding and feel for what university study is like. You’ll attend lectures, do readings and connect with other students. 
    • If you decide to continue your studies, you may be able to use the credits you’ve gained towards further study in a related undergraduate degree.

    Are already studying at university and want a competitive edge for the job market.

    • The shift towards using big data is being felt across every industry. No matter what you are studying, adding applied data analytics can let you become a part of this data-driven digital future and capitalise on the opportunities that come with it.

    Are employed and want to upskill.

    • Big data is not just the focus for tech giants like Facebook or Google. In almost every industry, professionals who can extract value and see solutions in oceans of numbers are in high demand. This certificate can help you to upskill within your current industry and add value to your existing skillset and experience.
  • What will I study?

    This applied data analytics qualification consists of four subjects:


    Subject Available Semester 1 - February Available Semester 2 - July
    • Agricultural Systems
    • Agricultural Production
    • Biology I: Molecules, Genes & Cells 
    • Concepts in Biology
    • Biology I: Organisms
    • Australia in the Global Economy
    • Principles of Economics
    • Using Big Data for Social and Economic Problems
    • Soils and Landscapes
    • Building a Habitable Planet
    • Planet Earth 
    Public health
    • Health and Illness in Populations

    *Not every elective is offered in each semester.

    Please note that the maximum amount of credit that can be awarded for prior learning is 3 units for this program.

    Detailed study plan


    Example timetable: Full-time

    • Allow 10 to 12 hours per subject, per week. This includes time for lectures, tutorials and completing readings and revision.
    • Lectures are delivered online and can be accessed on demand.
    • Some workshops are available online and some in-person. Some workshops are scheduled on multiple days or times, so you can pick the workshop that fits your schedule.
    • Your timetable will vary depending on the elective chosen. *The elective used as example in this timetable is Public Health: Health and Illness in Populations.
    Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    12-2pm - Introductory Data Workshop
    Online or on demand
    9-10am - Elective Lecture*
    Online or on demand
    10-11am - Ethics and Data Management Lecture
    Online or on demand
      11am - 12pm - Ethics and Data Management Lecture
    Online or on demand
    4-5pm - Statistical Practice Lecture
    Online or on demand
    12-1pm - Statistical Practice Workshop
    Online or North Tce campus
    11am - 1pm - Introductory Data Workshop
    North Tce campus
      1-5pm - Ethics and Data Management Workshop
    North Tce campus
    1-2pm - Elective Lecture*
    Online or on demand
        2-3pm Elective Tutorial*
    Online or North Tce campus
University of Adelaide Applied Data Analytics student Taylor

What do our students say?

"I have learnt such a wide variety of new concepts and skills and can not wait to see what the rest of my course will allow me to explore, uncover and achieve."Taylor - Current Applied Data Analytics student

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