Through the study of chemistry, exploring the world from an atomic and molecular level can lead to a rewarding career in a number of sectors.

From improving our healthcare today, to finding the sustainable energy solutions of tomorrow, the opportunities in chemistry are endless.

The University of Adelaide is ranked in the top 150 globally for science* and conducts world-class research in medicinal chemistry, the applications of chemistry to environmental problems and more.

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Gemma Gransbury - BSc(Advanced), double chemistry major. BSc(Hons), in chemistry
I love chemistry because not only is it really cool and exciting, it is the pursuit of understanding things at the deepest level. Once you have that understanding you can take it to manipulate, design and create at an atomic scale. I chose the BSc(Adv) degree at the University of Adelaide because I knew that I wanted to get into research and this degree gave me the flexibility to choose my subjects, a cohort of like-minded, motivated and enthusiastic young scientists and research experience from as early as second year.Gemma Gransbury - BSc(Advanced), double chemistry major. BSc(Hons), in chemistry.


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