Earth & Environmental Science

Pursue your scientific curiosity and passion for our earth and our environment - from geology to marine biology; and ecology to palaeontology.

Earth science student

Study earth sciences

Join world-class scientists from the School of Physical Sciences to unearth the secrets of geology, minerals and energy. Explore the planet we live on, how it works, its history and what it is capable of.

Start your career in mineral and energy exploration; or study the current state and evolution of the major solid Earth processes that shape our planet.

Explore the origins and pathways of materials and water on Earth's surface or examine fossil remains and date sediments using optical and radiogenic geochronology.

Your future career could be groundbreaking when you study earth sciences at the University of Adelaide.

Earth Science degrees

Applied biology

Study environmental science

Join the School of Biological Sciences and learn with world-class environmental scientists who provide new understanding and tools to better monitor and manage biodiversity, invasive species and ecosystems.

‘Travel through time’ with our palaeontologists and evolutionary biologists as they assess the impacts of past environmental change on flora and fauna, providing valuable genetic data for conservation and management of threatened species.

On land, at sea, or from the air... environmental science at the University of Adelaide and use your passion for the environment to deepen our understanding of the world.

Environmental science degrees

Study and career options

Short courses

  • Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) Course
  • Mapping with Drones Course (Visible)
  • Mapping & Monitoring with Drones Course (Visible+ NIR)

Drone short courses

Study tours and experiences

We offer study tours and overseas experiences which aim to boost your science knowledge, confidence and employability.

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Graduate story

"My time at the University of Adelaide has been extraordinary, challenging and life-changing. I love the social interaction and field-work component of studying earth sciences. During my undergraduate and PhD studies I have travelled around Australia and the world. I am now a part of a global community of geoscientists."

- Dr Bonnie HendersonBachelor of Science (Advanced)Geology major

Graduate story

"The education I received at the University of Adelaide provided me with the confidence and ecological foundation to apply the skills developed from studying semi-arid vegetation to leading research on seabirds in Antarctica.

- Dr Louise EmmersonBachelor of Science (Hons)

Graduate story

“Studying the BSc (Marine Biology) has provided me with a solid foundation of knowledge that I rely on in my career today. I work in a field that is still developing, so the importance of noting patterns and making observations in the lab and field, which can then translate into hypotheses and designing sound experiments, was a very useful skill to have developed during my studies."

- Sarah HamlynBachelor of Science (Marine Biology)

STEM Careers Night – Online with the University of Adelaide

Whether you're still at high school, taking a break from study or rethinking your career path, join us for the STEM Careers Night. 

You and your parents are invited to join our interactive online event on Wednesday 10 June to discover how you can prepare for your future career with one of our cutting-edge degrees. 

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