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Pursue your scientific curiosity and passion for our earth and our environment - from geology to marine biology; and ecology to palaeontology.

Our study options will give you real-world experiences to set up a career in earth and environmental science.

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Graduate story

"My time at the University of Adelaide has been extraordinary, challenging and life-changing. I love the social interaction and field-work component of studying earth sciences. During my undergraduate and PhD studies I have travelled around Australia and the world. I am now a part of a global community of geoscientists."

- Dr Bonnie HendersonBachelor of Science (Advanced)Geology major

Graduate story

"The education I received at the University of Adelaide provided me with the confidence and ecological foundation to apply the skills developed from studying semi-arid vegetation to leading research on seabirds in Antarctica.

- Dr Louise EmmersonBachelor of Science (Hons)

Graduate story

“Studying the BSc (Marine Biology) has provided me with a solid foundation of knowledge that I rely on in my career today. I work in a field that is still developing, so the importance of noting patterns and making observations in the lab and field, which can then translate into hypotheses and designing sound experiments, was a very useful skill to have developed during my studies."

- Sarah HamlynBachelor of Science (Marine Biology)

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