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Developing a forensic mitochondrial DNA database for human identification

ADIFF dna testing

Immerse yourself in research that uses ‘ancient’ DNA techniques in the fields of genetics and evolution.

Associate Professor Jeremy Austin’s research uses ‘ancient’ DNA techniques to allow forensic identification of highly degraded human remains - murder victims, missing persons and war dead.

In this area, Jeremy's research group is developing new ‘genomics’ techniques for human identification as well as providing a service to the Australian Defence Force, Australian police and humanitarian agencies to assist with the identification of human remains.

Jeremy Austin


Associate Professor Jeremy Austin

Research area: Ancient DNA, conservation genetics and forensic biology - Australian Centre for Ancient DNA (ACAD)

Recommended honours enrolment: Honours in Evolution and Palaeobiology

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Competition: Young Scientist of the Year

How do we feed the world’s growing population? How do we save our wildlife from extinction? Got an idea that will build a brighter, greener world?

Australian high school students are invited to submit a short video about one of Australia’s big science challenges.

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