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Environmental monitoring with drones: Koalas

Using drones to study koalas.

Environmental monitoring with drones with Dr Ramesh Raja Segaran

Assessing wildlife population density, abundance and distribution is needed to establish adequate conservation programs. 

Drones and infrared technology are increasingly being used but to estimate wild animals population size, but several questions still need to be elucidated regarding the use of drones to study koalas’ populations. 

  • Are drones and infrared imaging more reliable to assess koalas’ density than traditional animal population monitoring techniques on the ground? 
  • How does habitat complexity and koalas’ density affect the cost effectiveness and reliability of this new tool?
  • What is the best survey design? 
  • What are the limits of detection at different speeds?

In this honours project, you will expand on the research published in Nature Journal Scientific reports in 2019 titled 'Automated detection of koalas using low-level aerial surveillance and machine learning'.

You will be taught to fly drones and capture and process imagery.

This project is a collaboration between researchers in the Unmanned Research Aircraft Facility (URAF), School of Biological Sciences and School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences.

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