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Ecosystem impact on fish extending their ranges to higher latitudes along the east coast of Australia

This research project focuses on understanding how coral reef fishes are extending their ranges to higher latitudes along the east coast of Australia and what the consequences are for temperate fishes and ecosystems.

Coral reef fish

Climate change stressors such as warming and acidification of the oceans are predicted to have dramatic impacts on the diversity, abundance, and distribution of fish species worldwide.

The degree to which fishes adapt to or tolerate changing conditions will determine their persistence in their original habitats as well as their ability to extend their ranges to novel habitats or higher latitudes.

My research focuses on the effects of global change and human impacts on aquatic species and ecosystems. The studies are highly relevant for management purposes and to understand how climate change will affect productivity and resilience of coastal ecosystems and their associated animal populations.

Marine ecologist Ivan Nagelkerken


Professor Ivan Nagelkerken

Research area: Marine ecology - climate change effects on fishes

Recommended honours enrolment: Honours in Ecology and Environmental Science

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