Does flipping improve critical thinking?

Animal and veterinary science students in a workshop

Do active learning strategies improve self perceived critical thinking skills in undergraduate students?

The Active Learning Community of Practice (formally flipped classroom) would like to engage a professional skills honours student to conduct a cross faculty analysis of changes in students self perceived learning style preferences and critical thinking skills when exposed to a flipped classroom approach and/or active learning strategies in face to face classes. 

Quantitative and qualitative approaches will be combined to assess survey responses, focus group transcripts and learning analytics data to answer the questions:

  1. Do students self perceived critical thinking skills improve when exposed to active learning strategies and or the flipped classroom approach?
  2. Do students self perceived critical thinking skills correlate with their online learning behaviour?

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Hayley McGrice


Dr Hayley McGrice - School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences

Co-supervisorAssociate Professor Sophie Karanicolas - Adelaide Dental School

Research area: Active Learning Community of Practice

Recommended honours enrolmentHonours in Science Education

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